Is it Summer time yet?

It’s that time of the year, when the sun comes out for one day. Everyone whips out their shorts and heads to the beach. 

What happens after that? It rains for a week and we all get depressed and wished it was summer. 

This summer I plan to make the most of it. Warm jogs along Brighton seafront and BBQ with my girlies in the evening. 

Also, my job become more enjoyable. Walking to viewing and appointments is much better when its sunny. 

This year I will be going to Amsterdam in June,  hopefully it’s sunny there too. 

The other thing I love about summer is the fact it’s my birthday in June. It’s also my dad birthdays on the same day. 

All this remanising about summer made me look over my summer photos and I thought I would share some with you guys. 


My Mum is from the West Indies. She is from a very small island called Grenada, which is placed close to Trinidad and Tobago. 

The island is very small and is not developed in most area. The capital city is St George’s. This area has lots of shops and markets. The smell of nutmeg is very distinct there. 

A lot of the roads in Grenada do not have road signed or road markings. This is very scary when your driving up the moantains on narrow and curvy roads.

Unlike the U.K., there is no middle class people. You are either poor and live in beach huts or you are Rich and live in huge houses. 

My great grandad who passed away about 7 years ago, lived in a huge house with Akers of land. I visited him here three times in my life. He lived to be in his 90’s and was concidered the elder of Grenada. People would bring him gifts out of respect. I used to love going to his garden and picking fresh mangos for breakfast.

My Auntie Eslen also owned a big house. It was tradition to get up really early to have breakfast. Saltfish, plankton and fruit! Yum yum. 

My uncle David made a living from growing coco pods and selling them to the main chocolate company in the carrabien. I got to see the process of hove a cocopod is made into chocolate.

With lovely warm countries comes pesky bugs. I once thought I saw a small snake but then I realised it was a millipede. There is also a animal called a bat moth, it’s a moth the size of bat. At night time you would see the fire flys hovering around, very cool to look at.

Every body i met in Grenada was very nice. Everyone is down to earth, a lot of them laughed that they had not seen a white person before.

They also are not worried about time as much as we are. They sometimes joke that they may be late, so they say “see you at 5 in West Indian time” 

The beaches there are heaven! White sand and blue waters so clear you can see what your swimming with. There is a beach called the bbc, the all the locals know but is hard for tourists to find. Nothing is better then being on that beach, getting your hair braided while drinking a cold glass of ting. 

I hope I have educated you all on Grenada. Every time I tell someone where my mum is from they have no idea where it is! 

My pet hates 

Everyone has that one thing that annoys them. No matter if your in the best mood, if this thing happens then it’s ruined your whole day. I must admit that I feel I may have more then others. 

  1. People sneezing around me! Okay, so I know this is not somthing people can help. If I am in a small space, such as a lift and somebody sneezes; it actually makes me angry. I start to think of all the bacteria that’s floating in the air. What is they have a cold or a flu bug, it now airborne. Th worst thing about people sneezing is the smell, I do not care what anyone says but people sneezing has a bad smell. If I am in a car and someone sneezes, I will put my window down to avoid their diseases and smelly sneeze! 
  2. Bad manners! If I open a door for you, all I would like is you to say is Thank you. If I stop in the middle of the road, for you to get out of a junction, all I ask back is a simple wave to say thanks for that. Manners really do not cost a thing and I’m sure you would expect people to thank you, so why would you not bother. I also hate hearing people be rude to people who work in customer service. They may be serving you because that’s there job but they are certainly not your servants and you should treat them with respect. 
  3. Liar! There is no excuse for lying. The second that I am lied to, will be the same second that I no longer trust you and will no longer remain your friend. I hate when people lie about things that do not need to be lied about. Lying for attention is just as bad. 
  4. Bad eyebrows. Now this one sounds mean and is probably judgemental of me. I always notice when people have bad eyebrows and once I noticed it I can’t concentrate on anything else sorry!
  5. Chewing with your mouth open. ARE YOU A WASHING MACHIENE??? No, well that’s what I can see in your mouth, all your food swirling around and that is not okay. Not is chewing really loudly or talking with food in your mouth. It literally puts me off my food. 

Mid week day off 

Once every two week I get a day off in the week. Last year, I would always have Tuesday’s off, as I used to go out Monday night.

 This year I’ve been trying different days, and this week I had Wednesday off. 

I began my day with a healthy breakfast of Avacado, Egg, grilled bacon and a sprinkle of Chili. This is from my Lean in 15 recipe book. 


After this, I visited the gym in Hove.

On Monday I focused on my legs, this time I focused on my arms.

I still did a 10 min work out on the cross trainer to warm up. I did various arm excersizes and then warmed down after squats and sit-ups. 

I showered at the gym and then got ready, to drive up to the race course to have lunch with a good friend of mine. It was a tad expensive there, £2 for a bottle of water.

I decided after to suprise visit my mum at her office. Which she was pleased about, especially as she needed a lift home. 

Once I arrived home, I couldn’t stand being stuck in as it was a sunny day. I arranged to pick two of my friends up so we could sit in a beer garden ( so I could drink sparkling water) 


Troughs out this day I wore plain black jeans, with my grey Tshirt from Matalan that’s says “on wednesday we wear what we want” ( pis stake of mean girls film) 

My day wasn’t very productive but was satisfying catching up with friends. 

 Saturday with a To Do list

Saturday is usually spent catching up on everything you couldn’t do in the week! 

This Saturday I made a to do list to make sure I got all of it done and didn’t miss anything. 

I woke up around 9am and made myself boiled egg on toast ( and of coarse a cuppa) 

  • Gathered all my dirty clothes and took them to the local laundrette! One of things to do off my list. I can collect it on Tuesday
  • Next I visited Kiko too look for a dark nude lipstick, which I found straight away. This lipstick is for the wedding that I am being a brides maid for in May. 
  • Next was time to meet the girls for lunch in one our Faves places, China China on Little Presron Street. I had Sweet and Sour chicken. 
  • Tried on nude heels for the wedding but didn’t like the colour of them. They where a brown nude and I feel we need a lighter nude. 
  • Plan pub outfit, so I bought new top and new heels ooops. I also bought my work shoes in the same place I purchased some plain dolly shoes.

Overally I did pretty well, I only forgot to go and collect pottery. I can go and collect that in the week though.
The last thing to do was go to the pub. happy Saturday.



Is there such a thing as luck? 

Here is a question that I hear others people discussing all the time. 

Did the guy that lives over there win the lottery because of luck? Did he win because of his faith or religion? Or did he win it because he had so many chances? 

When I was 7, I entered a competition to win a Kodak Camera. It was a small blue one that print your photo instantly. After entering I told my mum that I was getting a Kodak Camera. She tried to explain to me it was a competition and I had to be selected randomly to win. I remember feeling slightly confused and then shaking the feeling off by getting excited for my Kodak camera. 

Is there such a thing as luck? 

On a daily bases I hear people discussing the subject of luck? 

Did Kyle down the road win the lottery because he was lucky? Or because he bought 100 lottery tickets? Or was it because of his religion or faith. 

When I was 7 years old I entered a competition to win a Kodak camera. It was to win one of the little blue camera, that printed your photos instantly. Excitedly ran down stairs to tell my mum, I was getting a camera. My mum sat down with me and tried to explain what a competition was. ” it dosent mean you will defiantly get the camera, it mean you have to be selected randomly” I was confussed by this, but quickly shook this feeling off as I waited for my camera. A week later I was selected and I won my camera, it was great and I brought it to my friends party and everyone thought I was really cool. 

Ever since this I’ve been lucky! When I was younger I won more competitions colouring competitions, dance competitions and online ones. ( not that I would win colouring and dance now haha) 

Growing up I win a lot of free meals and free tables and drinks on nights out. My friends always encourage me to enter, as they think I will win.  

People always ask how am I so lucky? I have no idea, maybe I get it from my Dad.

My dad wins everything, he wins money, holidays, spa trips. everywhere he goes he gets free room upgrades, free extras and wings everything. Now my dad is very religious and people often wonder if my dad wins because of his faith. 

Whatever the reason is for my luck, I am greatful and will always try and share it with others.


Estate Agent Work Life 

When I was 14, I asked my dad “can I have pocket money, all my friends get money from there parents”. 

To this he replied with a question “what do you need money for” 

I listed things I wanted  clothes, get a hair cut and hair accessories. 

A couple of days later we visited  my Dads friend, who owns an estate agent. When we arrived the owner went to make us a cup of tea / Coffee. My dad offered for me to make it instead of him. I made a strong black coffee for my dad, a tea with two sugers ( I actually used to have 3 sugers, but would never tell me dad that) and a Indian tea for the owner ( you warm up the milk in the microwave) 

After we finished drinking our tea the owner got up, shook my hand and said okay you can work here.

Every Saturday I would work at the estate agent. I would mainly make teas, field calls through to correct person and admin. I even got to do the inventories, in them days you walked around the properties with a recorder and typed it up when you got back to the office. 

This taught me the value of money at a young age.

A year later we moved to Brighton I went to school and six form, and had little jobs on the side.. I worked in a pub, burger van, telesales. 

After I left six form, I applied for an apprenticeship for a independent agent. 3 months into it I realised I couldn’t pay for my car, parking and insurance and get paid £400 a month. 

I emailed all the surrounding agent asking for a job and two weeks later I was working full time in an agent close to Brighton station. 
I’ve been there for almost three years now. I am now a Sales and Lettings consultant and learning to do lettings Valuations. 

The great thing about my job is having flexibility to be in the office doing admin or booking viewings, or to be out and about on viewings. I am also very competitive and I like to do better then everyone else. I also earn commision on properties that I let or sell which is a huge motivator. 

There is a lot of technical and legal side to estate agent and with that comes clients that don’t want to comply and then blame the agents. 

All together I love my job, I love waking  up and dressing smart to prepare myself to make some money. 


Hair Colours 

Today, I was looking at all the different colours that are in my hair. There are dark Browns, lights Browns and blondes. 

It made me reflect on all the different hair colours I have been. When I was in college I was forever changing my hair colours because I got board easily and was never satisfied with one colour. I wonder how much damage I’ve done to my hair. 


I am now at the stage where I would like to keep my hair colour the same and let my hair grow. When I was younger I damaged my hair by straightening in for two weeks while I was in Egypt ooops. When I came back they had to cut it really short to get rid of the damage. 

At the moment my hair is light brown on the top and blonder towards the ends. This means I can let my hair grown out, without worrying about my roots showing. 


Don’t waste a Sunday

Let’s face it, we always look forward to Sunday’s. We use Sunday to recover from the busy week we have had ( or sometimes we use it just to recover from a Saturday hangover). However, by Monday I wake up regretting wasting my Sunday. 

This Sunday I decided not to waste my Sunday and have fun without spending money. 

I woke up 8am Sunday morning and cooked my boyfriend and I, an Irish fry up. This consisted of fried Potato Bread in butter, fried sausage and eggs in coconut oil. My boyfriend was pleased, although moaned I burnt the sausages. 

By 11am we arrived in Worthing, to play badminton. I haven’t played badminton in 6 years and had forgotten how to serve. We played a couple of games with my boyfriend and his family. We had an hours session and I quickly remembered how to play and won 1 out of 3 games.  

1pm, I picked up two of my best friends and one of my best friends little cousins. I Drove us 45mins to Raysted, which is located near Lewes. 

Raysted is a animal Sanctury, entry is free but they do like a donation. Here we walked around the trail and got to see various animals such as swans, dogs, Goats, sheep and Hoarses. The kids enjoyed the day, as did I. Although I did run away from the swans as I’ve been scared of them since I was little. 

The day ended by me picking up my Boyfriend and his friend Tom. Ordering Pizza for dinner and playing Monopoly.

The outfit I wore for the outing was a pink fluffy jumper from H&m, plain leggings from New look and zebra canvess shoes which are great for walking.

By the end of the day I felt relaxed, tired from badminton and walking around, and had positive vibes from spending my Sunday with my favourite people.