Is there such a thing as luck? 

On a daily bases I hear people discussing the subject of luck? 

Did Kyle down the road win the lottery because he was lucky? Or because he bought 100 lottery tickets? Or was it because of his religion or faith. 

When I was 7 years old I entered a competition to win a Kodak camera. It was to win one of the little blue camera, that printed your photos instantly. Excitedly ran down stairs to tell my mum, I was getting a camera. My mum sat down with me and tried to explain what a competition was. ” it dosent mean you will defiantly get the camera, it mean you have to be selected randomly” I was confussed by this, but quickly shook this feeling off as I waited for my camera. A week later I was selected and I won my camera, it was great and I brought it to my friends party and everyone thought I was really cool. 

Ever since this I’ve been lucky! When I was younger I won more competitions colouring competitions, dance competitions and online ones. ( not that I would win colouring and dance now haha) 

Growing up I win a lot of free meals and free tables and drinks on nights out. My friends always encourage me to enter, as they think I will win.  

People always ask how am I so lucky? I have no idea, maybe I get it from my Dad.

My dad wins everything, he wins money, holidays, spa trips. everywhere he goes he gets free room upgrades, free extras and wings everything. Now my dad is very religious and people often wonder if my dad wins because of his faith. 

Whatever the reason is for my luck, I am greatful and will always try and share it with others.


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