Mid week day off 

Once every two week I get a day off in the week. Last year, I would always have Tuesday’s off, as I used to go out Monday night.

 This year I’ve been trying different days, and this week I had Wednesday off. 

I began my day with a healthy breakfast of Avacado, Egg, grilled bacon and a sprinkle of Chili. This is from my Lean in 15 recipe book. 


After this, I visited the gym in Hove.

On Monday I focused on my legs, this time I focused on my arms.

I still did a 10 min work out on the cross trainer to warm up. I did various arm excersizes and then warmed down after squats and sit-ups. 

I showered at the gym and then got ready, to drive up to the race course to have lunch with a good friend of mine. It was a tad expensive there, £2 for a bottle of water.

I decided after to suprise visit my mum at her office. Which she was pleased about, especially as she needed a lift home. 

Once I arrived home, I couldn’t stand being stuck in as it was a sunny day. I arranged to pick two of my friends up so we could sit in a beer garden ( so I could drink sparkling water) 


Troughs out this day I wore plain black jeans, with my grey Tshirt from Matalan that’s says “on wednesday we wear what we want” ( pis stake of mean girls film) 

My day wasn’t very productive but was satisfying catching up with friends. 

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