The longest game of football continuously played 

It was 6am, the players where tired from getting up so early. Some of them had camped there the night before while others wanted to sleep in the beds for one more night and got up super early to drive to lancing college. 

Although they had there sleepy heads on, there were filledwith excitement   they were taking part in the longed game of continuous football ever played. 

They would have to play continuously in order to accumulate breaks could be from 1 hour up to 8 hours. The players were put into four groups and given a time table so they knew when there breaks where. There was food provided on site and they were given meals from cereal to jacket potatos. During the times when they where on pitch they would throw them energy bars and water. There was also a medic tent where they would give them physio Therapy. 

From Thursday to Saturday the only people who were allowed there were volunteers, family and friends. As volunteers you could be given a responsibility, it could be writing down all the goals and what time they happend, checking there was more then seven players on the pitch at a time or simply guiding people into parking spaces. The support from family and friends is what helped them to keep going. 

Day 2, we had mildly bad weather it rained from 2am until 12/1 pm and then became very sunny. This was the first time the players had to play in the rain but by the afternoon they where still in good spirt. 

Day 3 was terrible weather. From midnight until 4pm it rained, thundered and lightning continuously. The rain came down very hard, it tore a whole in one of the tents and water logged some of the pitch. By the afternoon the boys began to get tired and grumpy and the pace of the football game began to slow down. Colin, oli and sonny who were all players of team United got caught up in this.

Sunday was the open day, the public could come and watch to cheer the players on. There was stuff for them to do such as bouncy castles, ferret racing and food stalls. The weather was also lovely and sunny. This helped pick the boys spirt up, with people family and friends cheering them on .

Bank holiday Monday was the last day. Lots of people came down to watch and they changed into fresh kit. There was lots of Tv cameras there interview the players. The atmosphere was positive and the player where feeling motivated to finish. After 3pm they had matched the world record and balloons where released to celebrate. They where all allowed a half hour break and most of them went over to family and friends.

They aimed to play until 6pm. The last game was more competitive and energised. Players tried to hit the targets for amount of goals scored. Oli, who played for the blue team scored 1000th goal and the last goal of the game. 

At around 6:10 we counted down in seconds for the game to finish. The boys ran to the middle of the pitch and sang there football song, while more balloons were released and prosecco was being opened and sprayed eveeywhere. After this a singer from Britans got talent sang a song while the players stood on top of the the double decker bus.

Next the had there photo taken by the double decker bus that had big photos of Matt, Jacob and Matt. Such a proud moment, it was realisation for some of the players that they had done it, and not only had they done it but they had done if for charity and in memory of their friends / family. Graham, then gave the signal for all the family and friends to join. There was lots of tears at this point and the atmosphere was a unreal sensation. 

Last but not lease they where individually given their trophy a which had there names engraved on them. The men who organised and managed the game gave speaches.

The players really did do amazing. They played when they were soaked from the rain, had limited sleep, were in pain and achey. All in the aid of chairty and in memory of Matt and Jacob who lost there lives in the shoreham airshow disaster and Matt who died from a heart attack.

Bucket List

  1. Meet an elephant in the wild
  2. Go to Disney land
  3. Kayak through caves 
  4. Go on a ghost walk / hunt 
  5. Complete a half marathon 
  6. Hug a panda bear 
  7. Go on a ski holiday 
  8. Ride hot air balloon 
  9. Fly a kite 
  10. Hold a monkey 
  11. Stand under a waterfall 
  12. Write letter to my future self
  13. Be sent flowers at work 
  14. Volunteer at a soup kitchen 
  15. Bring food to the homeless 
  16. Have a price of writting published 
  17. Try acupuncture 
  18. Have my palm read 
  19. Go to a murder mystery night 
  20. Go to a casino 
  21. Go to bingo 
  22. Go to a fashion show 
  23. Have a make up lesson 
  24. Go wine tasting 
  25. Take a cookery class 
  26. Fly in a helicopter 
  27. Spin records like a dj
  28. Be a member of a tv Audience 
  29. Sleep in a castle 
  30. Visit a Buddhist temple 
  31. Visit the Pyramids 
  32. Go to Octoberfest 
  33. Go to Dublin 
  34. Floating lanterns on a beach 
  35. Sit on a jury 
  36. Be taken to Paris 
  37. Visit the Dead Sea 
  38. Feed a exotic animal 
  39. Try a watersport 
  40. See wall of China 
  41. Go to a full moon party 
  42. Achieve somthing for make a wish chairty
  43. Drive a sega way 
  44. Go to Pompey 
  45. Go glanping 
  46. Go on for dinner or the River Thames 
  47. Amsterdam 
  48. Hawaii 
  49. Visit a factory 
  50. Win somthing amazing 


Have you ever felt lost in your own life? Like one minute your walking through a straight normal path.. The next moment everything seems to confuse you and you start to over think. All of a sudden your straight path becomes 3 or 4 windy roads and you have no idea where the lead. 

That is how my head is right now. I make the effort every morning to start positive and aim to be on the straight road. 

I start to do things wrong. Or I try hard to please others and feel no gratitude and ignored. Then you start to wonder if your straight road was so perfect at all. 

It’s all get a bit off a mess, and while your concentrating on the windy road your messing up on other things.

I feel I need a hobby that will Chanel the energy of running around windy road into. 

We just need to take each day step by step and start aiming to be on the straight and narrow.

Monday Morning 

So it’s here, it’s Monday. Your thinking urghhhh the weekend ended quickly, it’s back to work for another boring 5 days. Same sh*t different week. WRONG.

If your going to be a negative Nora from the start of the week, then you will have a negative week.  
It’s a fresh week of fresh opportunities. Time to make a pledge of what you would like to achieve this week. 

I’m going to have a organised week. I spent the weekend spring cleaning and sorting my room, so my life if more organised in that aspect. I’m going to get up early and make sure everything for work is nice and preped. 

I’m going to be healthy this week as I pigged out over the weekend. I’m going to by some fresh fruit and some salad bits. 
In also going to look at my diary when I get to work, designate time to see friends, go to the gym and have some me time. 

Have a positive week. 


The nervous feeling before wondering what the pain will feel like. The thrill of having it done knowing you are having art placed on your body forever. The feeling after of being proud you coped through the pain and feel rewarded. 

I have a few tattoos. When I was 18 I decided I wanted a tattoo, it took me until I was 19 to pluck up the courage to actually get one. I had my first tattoo on my Stomach / hip. I had the words family, love, dream, believe and hope in the shape of a love heart. Only certain parts of having it done hurt and some parts even tickled. 

My next tattoo was a Ankch on the back of my neck. This is an Egyptian symbol meaning life. It is a reminder of my favourite family holiday. We went on a a week cruise along the river Nile and then a week in a hotel. I learnt so much about the culture and history of Egypt during my time. 

My birthday Two years ago I was craving to have another tattoo. This time I wanted to big. I decided to have the flowers from my mum and dads wedding tattooed on my Thigh. My mum and dad got married in the carrabien, I got to be flower girl. The flower where red and where very beautiful. It took two hours to do and was very painful. A couple of days ago I went back to have mine, mum and dads Initials tattooed underneath. 

My friend Anna wanted a tattoo for her birthday. Me and Serena paid and booked for us all to have matching tattoos. We decided on a arrow. We saw a quote that said when life is pulling you back, aim and shoot forward. That’s somthing we do for each other with our friendship. Before we had them done, our friend Matt sadly passed away and we almost cancelled having them done. We realised that the recent event where make us sad and down, but they made us treasure memories and aim forward to appreciate life.

Last week I fancied another small tattoo. Me and my friend Beth got the infinity symbol tattoos on our wrist. We booked it spontaneously and we made it our promise to more spontaneous things and be less flakey on social events.

Property Market 

May is usually a time when the rental market begins to pick up. People start to look to move before the Summer time. They want to find a house with a nice garden so they can have great BBQs. 

This year has been completely different. There was a huge increase in exchanges at the end of March due to the changes on stamp Duty. The exhanges where mainly investors and cash purchasers.

This meant in April and May there was an increase in new rental properties to the market. This is exciting for me as an estate agent as May is usually a busy month. 

However this May, there are less motivated tenants looking to move. It seems people are keeping options open and not rushing to make a decision on a property. Rumours have it that people are waiting on the refurendum decision. People are waiting to see if pulling out of Europe will make an impact on the rental market. 

Rental prices are very high at the moment. Brighton is the highest rent apart from London in the UK. Last year we saw a panic with increase of students attending university and lack of student accommodation. This means landlords are targeting students at increase rental prices. When we value properties, landlords are also trying there luck and ask us to advertise slightly above our value.

Again their are rumours that pulling out of Europe could also make it easier for first time buyers and again this is a reason for tenants to hold out. 

At this stage we cannot predict if sales or Lettings will peak this summer. It’s all just a waiting game. 


Sunday after the Wedding I spent the another day / Night in Reading.

I woke up around 9am and got ready to head downstairs for Breakfast. Last day before my Diet so a full English was on the agenda. 

After breakfast I chilled out in the hotel room while my dad dropped my local family home. 

Once I had my car back, my boyfriend and I headed to a trampoline park. Oh My God it was so fun. £12.50 for one hour and you get to keep the grip socks. 

You could bounce from trampoline to trampoline, jump and play basket ball, jump onto a crash Matt and play dodgeball. It was definitely fun and I would reccomend it to anyone of any age. Of coarse we had to finish with a Slush Puppy.

After this we met with my mum and dad. I asked if we could go to caversham and feed the ducks like we used to. 

We drove to caversham and bought ice cream and walked along by the river Thames. There was a tree that was lying sideways and my dad told me that me and my cousin used to play on that tree. This was als the same place where my fear of swans began as one bit me when I was younger. It was lovely walking down memory lane .


The day finished with dinner in the hotel. A cosy warm bath and an early night .

Aunties Wedding 

When I was younger I complained to my Auntie Diana that I had never been Bridesmaid. To which she reassured me with a promise that when she gets married I can be Bridesmaid at her wedding. 

In 2015, I got a phone call from my Auntie Announcing she was engaged and asked me to be bridesmaid. 

It took one year to plan the Wedding in fine detail. We bought our bride maid dresses 3 months before the wedding, which motivated me to loose a little weight before the wedding. 

The night before the wedding we stayed at the Holiday Inn. 

On the 14th May 2016, I met my grandparents, parents, Auntie and the grooms family for breakfast in the hotel. 

After this me and my Auntie Lizzy (other Bridesmaid) headed to Head Masters in Town to get our hair sorted for the day. 

I loved mine, Kitty did a great job. 

Next was the make up, and lots of make up setting spray.

The Wedding was held at the Registery office in Reading. The Brides maids, flower girl and Maid of Honour say at the front. When the groom said his vows he started to well up and only managed to croak the words. A tear came to my eye I must admit. My auntie accidentally said “Awfully Wedded husband” rather then Lawfully. 
Once the ceremony was over we rushed outside with the confetti. Next we took lots of photos infront of the building, in the gardens or infront of the wedding car. 

Next was the Wedding Breakfast ( first meal after the marriage is called the wedding breakfast) 

We were greeted by chanpaign and canapés, while we waited for them to finish preparing the room.

We had a beautiful 3 course meal, Soup, Roast Dineer and Pofitarolls. There was also free wine with dinner. 

We had a hour to go back to our hotel rooms to freshen up before the disco. I used this opertunitys to take some good selfies.

The disco was lovely, I had fun having a dance of with my mum, dancing to can’t touch this with my nan and slow dancing with my boufriend. later on there was a buffet which included cupcake and pick and mix. 

We boogied the night away until close around 12:30am. I had a fab night seeing all my family and feeling proud of my Autie.

Why Getting Ready For a Night out is the best bit

Okay, so the girls are coming over in a hour. I’ve got some pizza to line there bellies. 

The night before I would of prepared some jelly shots or would have bought some shots and shot glasses. I would have made sure the house is nice and tidy and the mixers are in the fridge. 

I usually get the girls to come round around 7pm. So I have time to go home, take my make up off and shower. 

Once they arrive I put the oven on and get the mixers out. It’s Inportant to have a drink as soon they get there to feel like a good host. 

After we have had drinks and food it’s time to get ready. 

The good thing about getting ready is comparing make up tips and the complimenting each other. This is the girly and cute part of the night.

There usually a good playlist in the background ( again preped the night before because in organised like that) 

Once we are ready, it’s selfie central. It just had to be done when make up is freshly put on and the outfits are on.

This seems like a good time to whip out the shots. I love giving everyone a shot and watching them decide after if I made them too strong ( 9/10 times I have) 

Someone always suggests a drinking game. Usually ring of fire, which if you have a mixed group is a good game to get to know each other. 

If not Roxane red light is a good game, google it.

At 9:30/10pm, it’s time to start planning the taxi. It’s funny because once we call the taxi we continue to play the drinking game but once the taxi arrives we all panic and run around grabbing our stuff and finishing our drinks. Typical. 

Then we party to our hearts content, eat cheeky chichen and pass out in our beds. 


In 2005 I heard the worst news. Charlie had quit busted and due to this  they where splitting up. 

I was gutted as I thought I would never get to see them in concert or never hear them sing another song.

Please imagine my excitement when I found out that they got back together and will be touring the UK. Oh my god. 

My best friend Anna and I booked tickets the day that they where released. 

11th May 2016, we began our trim journey from Brighton to Wembely  too see Busted. I had a ginger latte and Anna treated herself to a hot chocolate. We then purchased some Percy pigs as tradition for every train journey we go on. shout out to Colin we stole your mini eggs for the journey sorry not sorry. 

When we got to Wembely I realised we were going to Wembely arena not Wembely stadium. Silly me. 

I was pleased with our seats in N10. 

The opening act was Wheetas and he sang teenage dirt bag, what an amazing moment. I was not familiar with the rest of his songs but they were songs about how his ex fiancé cheated on him and how he got beat up in Kent. I joked to Anna his songs were like the stories I would blog about. 
Busted opened the night with clips is there new music video, a giant pig swinging from the ceiling and there brand new song. What a moment. 

Through out the night they sang all my favourite songs year 3000, Airhostess and crashed the wedding. They also sang a few of their new songs. 

You could tell that Charlie was everyone favourite. Every time he spoke or sang, the noise of the crowd was unreal. 

Charlie awkwardly forget how the song 3000 was sung. He accidentally Sang the chorus when the rest of the boys were singing verse. He laughed it off.

It was an incredible atmosphere, full of people my age jumping up and down to all there classic songs.

As we exited the venue, I couldn’t help but purchase a Busted Tshirt which is now my favourite PJ top.

The perfect night ended with playing eye spy on the train with whole carriage. Before heading back home to my bed in Brighton around 2pm.