Back to life, back to reality… 

Did you like my song quote in the title?

So I’m back from holiday and I’ve got post holiday depression. You get back from holiday and reality hits you. 

I have more to do at work because I had a week off. Since being away I planned to redecorate my room and purchase new furniture to help keep my more organised. I’ve also come back to realise what dramas I have missed when being away. 

The good thing about being back is being reunited with my family and my girlies. I miss them. 

Saskia made us a lovely curry on Monday evening and we had a cute evening snuggled on her sofa. 

I think it will take me a couple of more days to recover from my post holiday depression. With a push on organisation, I should be able to get through it and possibly a night out will help. 

U.K. Bucket list 

So I have copied this off Facebook, but thought it would be fun to expand. I also need to revise my actual bucket list as I have done lots in the last three weeks.

Bucket list – UK version! Please play along. Put an X next to the ones you’ve done. Be honest!
 Been married 

 Fallen in love X – still in love 

 Gone on a blind date  

 Skipped school X – lots of time, I was really naughty at school 

 Watched someone give birth 

 Watched someone die 

 Been to France X  a few times 

 Ridden in an ambulance 

 Been to America 

 Been to Europe X lots of times 

 Been to Blackpool X at Christmas to see th the lights 

 Been to Liverpool  

 Been to Newcastle  

 Visited Disneyland Paris/ Orlando 

 Visited Legoland 

 Seen the Grand Canyon 

 Flown in a helicopter 

 Been on a cruise – 2 weeks cruise around egypt

 Served on a jury 

 Danced in the rain X in my wellies 

 Been to Manchester X – for a weekend for my cousins birthday 

 Been to Edinburgh  

 Played in a band 

 Sung karaoke X had a karaoke machine when younger and visited a karaoke bar in Brighton two years ago

 Made prank phone calls X again, naughty in school haha 

 Laughed so much you cried X the other day with my girlies 

 Caught a snowflake on your tongue X who hasn’t 

 Had children 

 Had a pet X milly and Mitzi by dogs, used to have a cat called Fizz but he ran away. 

 Been sledding on a big hill X I live in a really hill part of Mile oak in Brighton! 

 Been downhill skiing 

 Been jet skiing  – in Iceland was amazing 

 Ridden on a motorbike 

 Travelled on a bus, train & coach X hate public transport but yeah sure 

 Jumped out of a plane  

 Been to an outside movi Xe – Brighton Big screen 

 Ridden a camel X – it’s hump was wobbly and I was scared 

 Ridden a donkey X they where cute 

 Been on TV  

 Been in the newspaper X for a charity organisation that I helped organise 

 Stayed in hospital 

 Donated blood  

 Had a piercing X had my ears pierced three time as I kept letting it close up 

 Had a tattoo X  I have 5 

 Driven over 100 mph 

 Been scuba diving  X in the carrabien 

 Lived on your own

 Ridden in the back of a police car X my mum was not happy 

 Had a speeding ticket  

 Broken a bone 

 Had stitches 

 Travelled Alone 


5 days in Amsterdam walked over 44 miles, 1 zoo, 1 heinakin experience, 1 sex museum, 12 pints of beer and lots of Yummy food.

I loved living on Burgers and Beer, walking around dam square. I became a major fan of Heinakin beer, served extra cold. I also loved how they served ketchup and mayo with all the meals, it’s the little things. 

Everyday we walked around dam square and we came accross a new different road. We used the Trans a lot, as our hotel was about 15 mins away from Dam Square. We paid 14 Euro for a 48 hours pass. 

If you ever go to Amsterdam go to the Club Smokey. We went on a Thursday night and it was very busy. We drink cocktails for 6 euros and 4 vodka and red bulls for 15 euros. We stupidly forgot that the Trans finish around 12pm, so when we finished at the club at 2am, we were puzzled on how to get home. 

If your planning to visit Amsterdam, you should be aware that 90% of places you go to you need to pay to use the toilet. Make sure you carry lots of change.

Over all a great place for exploring or relaxing. I will defiantly be planning on going again. 

Heineken experience 

I went to the Heineken having not really tried Heineken before, and came out loving the taste of it. 

We learnt a lot about the history of the beer and how the beer was made in the olden days. Following from my wine tasting the other day, I already understood a lot about hops and firmimitation. I am feeling very educated on alcohol recently. 

You learn how to tell a good beer from the colour, and how the frothy head is important to protect it from the oxygen which would change the flavour.
There was lots of interactive games such as football, bike karaoke and movement games. My boyfriend was not happy that I was better at the rugby game then him.

The last part of the experience was to drink two beers. I ordered the extra cold beer which was super refreshing.

Amsterdam zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo. Any one who knows me will know my obsession with elephants and yesterday I met two!!!! 

There was a mixture of animals such as lions, birds, fish, insects, penguins, sea lions and farm animals. 

My favourite animal of coarse was the elephant. It was amazing to finally see one in real life. They where so playful, squirting sand over thereselves from there trunks. 

There was also cheeky baboons and human like gorillas.

We spent around 4 hours at the zoo, including our ice cream stop. Defiantly recommend as its was only 20 euros entry. 

Day 1 in the dam

2:30am and both mine and Tony’s alarms are going off. Without feeling sleepy, I got up and was excited to get ready and go. I showered, and packed my cosmetics away. Checked 10 million times that I had my passport and boarding passes.

My auntie picked us up at 3:30am, to take us to London Gatewick. We needed to go to a petrol station as she had no petrol at all. Panic. After going to three garages and realised they where not open, the ” low break fluid” sign began flashing, followed by the “stop” sign. As we got to a garage in Hove, she decided to put us in a taxi as she didn’t want to take the risk. Poor taxi driver at hove station was filling up to go home, but we convinced him to take us t Gatwick. 
Once there we grabbed Jamie Oliver’s for breakfast and a mocha to wake me up. 

The flight was very short, by the time I ordered sparkling orange and drunk it was time to land. 

We arrived at the Ramada hotel on the Ring round out the outer part of central Amsterdam. The hotel is lovely from the reception room, pink elevator to our room.

We unpacked our things and headed straight out. I got on the tram for the first time in my life, I was fascinated by it and loved that it was like a mixture of a bus and a train. 

We spent the day exploring in the pouring rain. In total, we walked just under 10 miles. 

We visited the shopping centre, where they have hardcore salesmen. We also visited the Sex museum and giggled at everything rude. We also had a shawarma and chips which was lovely and kept us warm from the rain. 

We have just come back to the hotel and Tony is having a nap after our long walking wet day. Cannot wait to explore tomorrow now that we know our way around .

My Birthday night out 

The girls ( once again) surprised me by having my make up done my bare minerals in Brighton Lanes. 

Then we drove back to my house, to find the girls had decorated my house with balloons, decoration and presents. They had organised with my mum to get in while I was out and about in the day time. 

We then finished getting ready, added to our make up, done our hair and got into our dressed.

My friend Saskia came over and brought chocolate brownie which we are while drinking cocktails that the girls made.

We headed to the cricketers pub in southwick. I got a free cocktail picher of strawberry woo woo. 

After this we headed to a club in town where I had a table reserved and two bottles of bubbly. I had a great night and had a great amount of good friends turn up. Feeling very loved from all of my birthday suprises. 

Wine tasting 

Thursday evening was not my average Thursday evening. Usually I would finish work, make myself some dinner watch eastenders and go to sleep about 10.

The girls had surprised me with a wine tasting session as one of my birthday surprises. I finished work at 6pm and walked down to Pompokos with Serena to meet Saskia there. For dinner I had a chicken namban don, or you could just call it number 18.

At 7pm, we walked up to the ten green bottles in the laines where we met Anna. 

We taste 6 different types of wine; white, red, Rose, port and sparkling white wine. My favourite wine was called ridge way and was a white sparking English wine from ditching. I learnt a lot about swishing the wine round and understanding that the speed of the “legs” falling down the glass showed how much suger and alcohol was in the wine. I learnt how to slurp the wine to allow oxygen to enhighten the taste. To be honest I was tipsy after two glasses of wine, so imagine how I felt after 6. 

After this we went to the cocktail bar next door and order two cocktails. Saskia encouraged me to try a Long Island which was actually very nice. Anna and I drunkly salsa danced around the bar, and we were rewarded by a free cocktail from the manager.

From here we went for a boogie at the Font and then to the cricketers in Brighton. 
Our friend Oli kindly picked us up and gave us a lift home. I’m sure he loved all of us girls singing Justin bieber songs in the back of his car. 

Early Birthday Suprise 

10am I get a FaceTime call from my best friends Anna and Serena, telling me to be ready for 11:30am.

At 11:30 they pick me up and we head to town. We visit a massage parlour where the girls have organised and paid for me to have a deep massage. The massage had moments of being in pain, relaxing, feeling ticklish  and I left feeling lighter.

After this we headed to Devils dyke were I was treated to an amazing roast dinner. Which I very much enjoyed. 

Next we went back to Anna’s where she sorted my nails for me. She did a nude colour with glitter on top in gel, sparkly glitter nails. We did this whilst watching bridesmaids and quoting and singing out favourite parts. 
The last stage of our adventure was to go to Bingo which I had never been before. It was all very exciting. My friend Saskia won £230 and we were sent s bottle of bubbly by my friend who is the manager there.

They told me that on Thursday we were going to s wine tasting session and on Saturday going for a make up class / make over. 

Feeling very loved by my best friends and after a lovely day have a exciting birthday week to look forward to.

Little changes make a big difference 

When life is getting on top of you, sometimes you need to tweak the smallest things to name the biggest difference. 

Example; I stress in the mornings getting ready, can never find my hair brushed, can never find my primers, can’t decide what to wear arghhhh 

Solotion: organised my room, gave myself a dressing table area. Organised clothes the night before, designate a day to wash work clothes 
At work I’ve done the same. I’ve organised my desk and structured my diary so I’m using my time more productively. This has had a positive effect on my attitude to work and my performance at work.

I use my car 2-5 time a day, so I washed the car and treated myself to a new Air freshner. 

At the start of the week I designate days to go to the gym. This helps me to stick to it otherwise i hate tipexing it out.

I always struggle to decide what to have for breakfast. Now I prep a fruit smoothie every evening for my breakfast the next day.
All these little things have made my life slightly less stressfull yay.