Lying in the Wait – LiZ Nugentย 

Lying in the wait, is a gripping crime novel that keeps you interested through out.

This book explores a range of characters of different classes and focuses on the contrast of the rich too the families on low income.  

It’s also explores different traits from control freaks to Submissive. 
Being set in 1980, also opened my eyes to some of the old Irish traditional views. For example how important it is to not “dirty the family name” 
As the story unravels, it is interesting to find out the lies and the secrets of the families. None of which are as perfect as they look. 
Unlike most crime novels I read, we are aware of who murdered who at the very beginning. This results in the book being focused on covering up and making sure no body find out.
There are many unexpected twists along the way. When you discover the first one and think it’s shocking, you will be even more shocked at the next hurdle.  
I thought the ending was starting to me very anti climax but nothing could of prepared me for the ending. It was unreliable and once again a ending like no other.
10 out of 10 and I would defiantly recommend