Mask Monday

Monday is the most important day of your week! You should Start the week off with a fresh mind, just as you mean to go on.

This Monday I am pampering myself in the evening with a …. Tea Tree Clay mask from the body shop costing £11. I'm also relaxing with a lush bath bomb costing £3.90

First impressions

I love the packaging it's cute and it's simple.
It Smells AMAZING, smells minty!


It's a light texture and really easy to put on, a little goes a long way. At first it tingles on my skin It dries fairly quickly, within 15 mins. It feels like it "dried thinner" and my skin feels fresh while it's drying.

Wash off
It was slightly difficult to wash off, despite the reviews saying it was easy. I chose to firstly attempt with water and then to us cotton pads. Once I used cotton pads, it was fine to get off.


My skin feels amazing! It feels light and refreshed! My pores feel minimised and my skin feels fresh. My skin feels moisturised and tight, but doesn't feel like it has dried it.

It reccomend a using this product twice a week for full effect. I am defiantly going to try this as I love it so far!

4/5 ****

DL 💋

5 thoughts on “Mask Monday”

  1. OK, so I have a hard time with Lush products because I used to eat shaving cream as a kidโ€ฆโ€ฆ.And I know thatโ€™s been 20 years, but Iโ€™m afraid I will be sitting in the tub melting one of those bath bombs and my childhood self will be like โ€ come on, whatโ€™s one little bite? Remember the shaving cream?โ€

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    1. Haha well this was a unexpected comment! I used to not be able to use Lush because of my exma but for some reason I’ve started to be able to use it and it’s amazing! I think give it a go girl! X

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