Work it girl!

I always find it difficult on where is best to buy my work clothes from. I am an estate agent and always need to look smart at work.

The bases of most of my outfits is to have a couple of pencil skirts and smart trousers and alternate between tops / Shirts and blaisers. I also like to wear work dresses, usually a skater style dress with tights. I swap a change between wearing dolly shoes and work heels. In the winter I always wear heeled boots.

I have put together a couple of outfits that I wear to work:

Dorothy Perkins – Polka dot, Skater dress with white collar

I love this little dress, I wear this with black tights and black heels! I got lots of compliments wearing this dress. It’s very flattering for my figure type. – grey long sleeved Peplum Top in their basic range

This cute grey top is super cheap and is in the basic boo hoo Range. It can be slightly see though but I wear a strap too under neath. I match this top with either a black pencil skirt or black smart trousers. For shoes I will either wear black dolly shoes or black heels. So simple and super comfy.

Light knit blue dress from H&M ( Bought last year)

This dress is perfect for all seasons, it’s light enough to wear in summer without tights but also great in the winter with tights.

Striped peplum from Primark

This striped peplum is super cute and again flattering for my figure type! I wear this usually with a black pencil skirt or trousers!

Floral 3/4 length sleeved top from Matalan

This top is really girly and looks really smart. My mum loved this top so much she bought herself one. It looks smart with or without a blaiser.

I hope you enjoy this post! I would love to hear your favourite places to buy work clothes!

DL πŸ’‹

7 thoughts on “Work it girl!”

  1. Such cute outfits Dominique!

    I’ve been in need of new work clothes for so long, but I always have a hard time finding any. However I bought the nicest work dress from Dorothy Perkins which I’m stoked about. I also managed to find a few new work blouses from there.

    I always have such a hard time buying work trousers because the fit never seems to fit my legs right. Like the top part will fit my butt and hips really well, but the bottom is too loose. Or the legs fit great but I can’t get the trousers over my butt… (My butt is really not that big either).

    I managed to find a pair of trousers that fit great from Next though, mainly because they’re made of stretchy material but they look like professional black work trousers. Win for me! I really need to get myself some new work skirts though! But work skirts always make me feel bloated, so I never tend to wear them anymore :/

    I don’t really shop online because I find the clothes don’t fit right, I’m never that good at getting the size right haha. Sometimes I’m a size 8 in one store, but then I’m a size 10 in another. But then sometimes I’m both sizes in the same store and it’s so confusing… So I tend to stay away from online shopping…

    Awesome post!

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    1. Thank you for Reading and Glad you liked it! I have the same problem with Finding trousers that fit! I always have to buy Super stretchy ones!

      Next is always a great shout! I’ve got a few dresses and skirts from there!

      Thanks again girl!

      DL πŸ’‹

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