Super drug – Seaweed Peel of Mask

This week I am trying Super Drugs own brand masks. I decided to try the seaweed peel of mask.

This mask is said to cleanse and detox the skin. It is well known that seaweed is very beneficial for the skin. I also haven’t used a peel off mask in a while and I always feel nice and refreshed after using them.

This mask doesn’t smell as strong as some of the masks I have recently been using. It was really difficult to apply because it is super thick! If anyone has used the charcoal black head masks, it’s a similar constituency of that.

Once you work out a technique to put it on it’s easy after that. I use all of the contents and applied a

medium layer across my face.

It says it take 10-20 mins to dry. It took 20 – 25 mins to fully dry. Some parts didn’t dry properly, I feel they may have been areas where I over applied. It was really easy to take off, peeled straight off. Unlike the charcoal masks, it didn’t hurt or leave my face red raw. Instead it left me feeling cleansed and slightly moisturised as well.

I spent the remainder of my day with no make up on and two of my aggravated spots had noticeably become less red and had decreased in size.

I would give this mask a 4/5!

Have you used any of super drugs own branded face masks? I would love you to comment below! πŸ‘€

DL πŸ’‹

20 thoughts on “Super drug – Seaweed Peel of Mask”

  1. Omg I just used this just now! Haha great minds think alike! Isn’t it so good lovely! I would give this mask a 4/5 too my face feels so smooth xx


  2. I’ve never actually tried ANY of SuperDrug’s masks, although this one appears to work pretty well! Should give it a try Xx


  3. This looks good! I’ve used some Superdrug branded face masks before, I’ve used their mud mask and a few peel off one and I definitely agree that they don’t hurt and leave your face feeling moisturised. My favourite masks at the moment are the L’Oreal Pure Clay ones! I have a review on my blog about them aswell! xx

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