Busy bee

It’s been a week or two since I’ve posted and I just wanted to explain why!!

I’ve been such a busy beeeee


Between being busy with my new job! Trying to make a good first impression, Trying to make sure I get plenty of sleep and wake up Fresh. To organise my spare time into working out how I can make the most of my time at work to hit all of my target. Last weekend I went to poursmouth with my bestie and our boyfriends for Christmas shopping and this weekend I went to Reading for a rum festival. My Sundays have been spent catching up with family, or is Christmas after all. Most of my Christmas shopping has been done online at the moment

Coming up

I do have a Christmas film post planned for you tommo! And I’m feeling more settled so I’m hoping to get some new posts out to you! My instagram is getting more festive so please follow me @DLblog

I hope you guys understands and I just wanted to say a big thanks for the follow as I have now achieved over 100 subscribers

DL πŸ’‹

15 thoughts on “Busy bee”

  1. I hope you’re enjoying your new job! Don’t worry about not posting consistently on your blog – don’t burden yourself about it! Hope you had a fab weekend x

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  2. It’s okay to take time out if you’re busy! After all you can’t stop your everyday life to just blog. I really need to start my Christmas shopping! Me trying to be organised has made me even less organised πŸ˜…

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