New Year 2018

If you are reading this congratulations on Surviving 2017.

You did it. We did it. For some it was easy to complete for others it was difficult.

For me I expected it to be the best year of my life as it began with a three month trip to Thailand. I was finally going traveling.

Unfortunately my trip was cut short, when my auntie passed away and came back to be here with my family. It was the first time someone close passed away and I thought I would be emotionally stronger but it honestly broke me.

Shortly after lots of things started to go wrong, my boyfriend has had two operations and been of work for almost 4 months now. He also had family members pass away.

Although this year hasn’t been the best I always like to take the positives out if it. I got a higher job position I’m now a valuations manager for an estate agent. I’ve found my passion for organising myself ( can’t wait to start using my new Filofax in 2018) I got my eyebrows microbladed and I love them!

Whatever happened in 2017… tomorrow is s blank page of a 365 page book. Forget the negatives, only take away positive learning from them. Focus on what you are good at and make it better. I have no idea what 2018 has stored for me. I feel there are a lot of changes happening for me. I know whatever happens I have the best support network, and my auntie will be watching over me and guiding me.

My only resolution is for this time next year to not feel like I hated the year and that I can’t wait for a new one. I want to have no regrets.

Happy new year everyone.

DL x

Christmas movies

It’s time to get in your winter pjs, make hot snacks and cuddle up under your furr throw. Switch the TV on and what are you going to watch….

Here are my Top 5 Christmas films( in no perticular order because I love all Christmas films way to much so they are all number

  1. The grinch

I know he’s Mean and hairy and smelly. His hand are cold and clammy but I think he’s kind of sweeet. If Cindy Lou says so then it must be true. This film is a family favourite of mine. We use this film to start to the countdown to Christmas. Always after fireworks night, that our official Christmas countdown. It’s so heart warming and perfect to watch with the family.

  1. Elf

“Santa, I know him I know him” literally such a heart warming film! Every time I watch it the funny bits seem to get funnier! And then there’s one of those cry with happiness moments! It’s also an easy watch! I love to watch this one in my Christmas jumper!

  1. Homealone

Always a good shout! No matter which one you watch! Kevin is the real life version of Denis the menas and clue in the title he’s gets left alone at home. He’s such a cheeky chappy and you will grow to love him! If your looking for a longer film to snug up on the sofa too this is the one! Ps I think the second one is my fave

  1. Arther Christmas

Arther is my spirit animal he is super clumsy and is obsessed with Christmas! This film is a Christmas adventure with super cute and loving characters ( for example Santa and his family) it has a modern feel and is great to explain to kids how Santa works.

  1. Scrooge

Everyone has the one classic christmas film that they love and this is mine! There are so many versions but I generally love them all. Always one that leave you thinking about your own life and makes you appreciate everything

I would love to hear your favourite Christmas films!!!!

Mask Monday ( but on Thursday)

Hey Yallll,

Again, I’m sorry for the gap between my posts I’ve been a very busy bee and there is a whole post about it on my page if you are interested.

I’m back and my skin is need a good treat. I have invested in a head band and face mask application brush. I order this from amazon for £5.99!

This week I am using a cucumber peel off face mask by 7th Heaven ( who I am lovinggg if you haven’t noticed)

The rules

  1. Cleanse face
  2. Apply to face
  3. Leave for 25 mins
  4. Peel off
  5. Rinse face

Today in my super quick video you will notice I have cleaned my face with the body shop tea tree oil face wash which I am really digging right now.

I then pop on my head band and apply the face mask with the application brush. It is soooooo easy to apply with the brush and i feel this mask could of been super sticky so I really appreciated it.

I couldn’t smell cucumber but I defiantly smelt a fresh earthy smell which was refreshing.

Once applied I’ve got a half hour left of I’m a celeb!

It took 25 mins to dry and there was a bit that I piled on to much face mask that wouldn’t dry properly.

Easy peasy to peel off, although there was some bits I had to feel for before I could peel off!

My skin felt lovely going to bed felt clean, moisturised and Fresh.

The next day my skin still feels fresh, and my blemishes are very much less red and my skin is less inflamed.

I really like this mask as I defiantly can see and feel a difference. It’s easy to put on and peel of which is convenient .

5/5 for this one 😍

Busy bee

It’s been a week or two since I’ve posted and I just wanted to explain why!!

I’ve been such a busy beeeee


Between being busy with my new job! Trying to make a good first impression, Trying to make sure I get plenty of sleep and wake up Fresh. To organise my spare time into working out how I can make the most of my time at work to hit all of my target. Last weekend I went to poursmouth with my bestie and our boyfriends for Christmas shopping and this weekend I went to Reading for a rum festival. My Sundays have been spent catching up with family, or is Christmas after all. Most of my Christmas shopping has been done online at the moment

Coming up

I do have a Christmas film post planned for you tommo! And I’m feeling more settled so I’m hoping to get some new posts out to you! My instagram is getting more festive so please follow me @DLblog

I hope you guys understands and I just wanted to say a big thanks for the follow as I have now achieved over 100 subscribers

DL 💋

Volcano mask

Today I am using Volcano clay mask by Garnier. This past is to minimise your pores.

How to use

  1. Wash face
  2. Apply mask
  3. Leave for 3 mins
  4. Wash off

Straight away, you feel the heat from the mask. It actually stings my spot on my nose, perhaps it’s an open spot? It smells like your typical clay mask.

I find it strange only leaving a mask on for 3 mins. I probably left it on for 4 mins in total.

My skin felt soft straight away. The next morning my pores do look minimised and my spots have dried out.

Today I have only done a short review. This is because the mask is a quick mask, which was perfect because I had a busy evening yesterday and needed some quick skin love. I personally didn’t like the heat side of the mask, but I feel that’s my personal judgement on this type of mask. The skin did improve my skin.

Do you like heating masks? I’d love to hear?

DL 💕

Eco spa in Hove

I love a massage! I love to unwind. Let’s face it although the gym is good for you, it can also take its toll on your body. Even sitting over your computer isn’t good for your neck.

I’ve had my fair share of massages from fancy hotels to Thai massages in Thailand.

Eco Spa is much more then just a place for a massage, it’s about the whole experience.

When you walk in the door, you are welcomed by wonderful Aromas. The receptionist welcomes you, and offers you a water or a herbal tea.

If it’s your first time, you are asked to fill out a form which gives you the opportunity to mention if you have any medical problems.

Once you have done that you are taken into the main massage room. Which again smells beautiful, always has relaxing music in the back ground. You have a short consultation, where they ask how you feel in body and mood. What pressure you like your massage at? If you have any specific tensions? This gives me peace of mind because I already know, that this lady knows how I like my massage.

I get undress and get under the warm bedding. Today’s massage was 30 mins, back neck and shoulder. She placed warm flannels on my back before we begin. I felt so relaxed but at the same time felt that my knots were removed. I love the feeling of them popping and feeling released after. It’s comforting that the lady checks that the pressure is okay. The massage goes very quickly as it’s so enjoyable. I can honestly say, that I have been here twice and have had the best massage.

After the massage is over, I was asked again if I wanted tea or water. I was then allowed to go to the meditation pods. The meditation pods are little rooms with pillows. They have mood lighting which you can change. A colouring book and some cute books to read. I am not the meditating time but I love sitting in here for ten mins after my massage to fully relax. I usually turn my phone off for these ten mins and just take some time to focus on me.

I would highly recommend this Spa. Today I has Elouise massage me and she was great. I even purchased some of the herbal tea as it’s so yummy. I can’t wait to book me next appointment.

DL 👄

November goals

2 months until the end of the year! It’s come round soooooo quickly!! It’s easy to slip off now, forget Goals and get distracted by Christmas ( ooooo sparkly lights) stay focused.

As always I’m writing down my goals to commit to them. Once I have done one off of each goal I colour in the number.

These are my goals in numbers:

  1. 15 Gym sessions
  2. Read 2 books
  3. 4 Mask Monday’s
  4. 2 sober weekends
  5. 8 MAs booked at work
  6. 6 pounds lost
  7. 2 charitable favours
  8. 5 Wednesday Weigh ins
  9. 8 blog posts
  10. 4 room cleans
  11. 15 instructions at work

My overall goals, is to be successful at work, loose weight, up my fitness and make sure my room is tidy and my mind is clear.

On page two, I have written myself reminders of why I wanted to do each goal in the first place. If in doubt I will refer back to my goal.

Of course lot of sticky notes and further planning in my diarys to make sure I reach my goals.

I am so ready for November, lots of exciting things planned for next year and now is the time to start prepare myself mentally and physically for the new year.

I hope you enjoyed this post! And I would love to know what you guys plan to achieve this month!

DL 💕

The Versatile Blog Award🥇

I am very grateful to be nominated by Jess Clare and PAE Reviews! I love that I started my blog over a year ago and over 82 subscribers, I’ve worked alongside brands and how supportive the blogging industry is. I love that everyone helps everyone and that I am involved in blogging groups! I think this award just show the nature of the blogging world.

The rules are as follows:

• Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog post

• Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award

• Share 7 facts about yourself

Dom’s 7 Facts

  1. My favourite animal is an elephant, I think they are beautiful and intelligent. I really want to meet one in the wild.
  2. I’ve visited over 14 different countries ranging from Iceland to Egypt, this year I’ve been to Thailand for 2 months
  3. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 7 years, we met when I left school and we have been so much
  4. My mum is from Caribbean island called Grenada and my dad is Irish
  5. It took me 7 times to pass my driving test
  6. I have webbed toes, and no I can’t swim better because of this.. and yes I am jell of people who hose socks with toes
  7. My favourite food is chicken, I would rather eat a million chicken wings then chocolate I love it

For the award I nominate:

Georgie Reads


Megan Griffin

Okami Ammy

Sophie Hearts











Avocado oil mud – 7th heaven

It’s Post Halloween weekend and my skin is in need of tlc due to alcohol ruining my skin and the OTT Halloween make up drying my skin out.

This week I am trying another 7th heaven brand mask. This mask contains avocado, Aloe Vera and walnut in. The aim is to exfoliate and moisture’s your skin.

How to apply

1. Cleanse your face

2. Apply

3. 15-20 mins relax time

4. Rinse off

First impressions of the mask, is that the smell of avocado is very strong. The overall smell of the mask is, an earth smell. Applying is really simple and isn’t messy at all. I love the fact that the mask has beads in it, which exfoliates your skin as you apply it.

I left the mask on for 25 mins, this as enough time for it to fully dry. Again nice and simple to come off, I used a flannel and it took three mins to take it off. I felt like I was exfoliating my skin.

My skin feels fresh, and defiantly feels exfoliated. I love the fact it was easy to apply and easy to take off. I wasn’t a fan off the smell, even though I love avocado! Strange!

I give this mask 4/5!

Have you tried any other 7th heaven masks? What’s your favourite mask? I would love to hear from you!

DL ✨

I want to change me

There is so much debate everyday… are magazines influencing girls and women on how their bodies should look? Does celebrity body shaming force us to want cosmetic surgery.

I think yes to a degree. However everyone has their own mind and can handle the situation differently.

For me, I have always had worries my nose is to wide? My top lip is too thin? My hair doesn’t grow? My eyebrows are patchy? And my skin is awful.

These are not influenced by magazines or social media. They are all things I see in the mirror when I look in the mirror.

Initially I wanted to change all of these things but eventually I have up on the idea….

Until this year… it all started when I decided to have my eye brows microbladed. This is a semi permanent tattoo, on the eye brow done in small flicks to look like natural hair. It cost £150 for stage one, 6-8 weeks recovery and then another £75. The reason I wanted this was because I shaved my eyebrows off when I was 13… little miss rookie thought she could make her brows thinner with a razor! I have a blog post coming soon about my micro blading!!

Since having this, I feel so much better! I don’t apply make up to my brow everyday and I feel so fresh!

This little thing has made me feel better about my face and more confident.

Now it has me thinking what next!

Next year I plan to have my teeth professionally whitened in a salon, as I’m conscious about my smile. I also plan to either have microblading lip Liner to define my top lip or lip filer. I also plan to visit a dermatologist, to start a plan of treatment for my skin.

I know this is a lot of change, but I have suddenly thought if it’s going to make me happier and make me confident then why the hell not.

I have always been in the frame of the mind that you should never change you. And I stick by that don’t change your personality for anyone. You are beautiful. And don’t change your looks for anyone ( my boyf hates the idea of me wanting all of this done) BUT.. if it’s going to make you feel happier and make your mind clearer then you should do what you want.

My top tips would be to check out the places you are visiting, reviews and before and after photos. Anything important like this needs to be super checked out and sometimes it’s better to pay more money then less.

What do you guys think??? I would love to know your thoughts on this as I understand it’s controversial ( I hope I haven’t offended anyone)

DL ✨