I want to change me

There is so much debate everyday… are magazines influencing girls and women on how their bodies should look? Does celebrity body shaming force us to want cosmetic surgery.

I think yes to a degree. However everyone has their own mind and can handle the situation differently.

For me, I have always had worries my nose is to wide? My top lip is too thin? My hair doesn’t grow? My eyebrows are patchy? And my skin is awful.

These are not influenced by magazines or social media. They are all things I see in the mirror when I look in the mirror.

Initially I wanted to change all of these things but eventually I have up on the idea….

Until this year… it all started when I decided to have my eye brows microbladed. This is a semi permanent tattoo, on the eye brow done in small flicks to look like natural hair. It cost £150 for stage one, 6-8 weeks recovery and then another £75. The reason I wanted this was because I shaved my eyebrows off when I was 13… little miss rookie thought she could make her brows thinner with a razor! I have a blog post coming soon about my micro blading!!

Since having this, I feel so much better! I don’t apply make up to my brow everyday and I feel so fresh!

This little thing has made me feel better about my face and more confident.

Now it has me thinking what next!

Next year I plan to have my teeth professionally whitened in a salon, as I’m conscious about my smile. I also plan to either have microblading lip Liner to define my top lip or lip filer. I also plan to visit a dermatologist, to start a plan of treatment for my skin.

I know this is a lot of change, but I have suddenly thought if it’s going to make me happier and make me confident then why the hell not.

I have always been in the frame of the mind that you should never change you. And I stick by that don’t change your personality for anyone. You are beautiful. And don’t change your looks for anyone ( my boyf hates the idea of me wanting all of this done) BUT.. if it’s going to make you feel happier and make your mind clearer then you should do what you want.

My top tips would be to check out the places you are visiting, reviews and before and after photos. Anything important like this needs to be super checked out and sometimes it’s better to pay more money then less.

What do you guys think??? I would love to know your thoughts on this as I understand it’s controversial ( I hope I haven’t offended anyone)

DL ✨