Work it girl!

I always find it difficult on where is best to buy my work clothes from. I am an estate agent and always need to look smart at work.

The bases of most of my outfits is to have a couple of pencil skirts and smart trousers and alternate between tops / Shirts and blaisers. I also like to wear work dresses, usually a skater style dress with tights. I swap a change between wearing dolly shoes and work heels. In the winter I always wear heeled boots.

I have put together a couple of outfits that I wear to work:

Dorothy Perkins – Polka dot, Skater dress with white collar

I love this little dress, I wear this with black tights and black heels! I got lots of compliments wearing this dress. It’s very flattering for my figure type. – grey long sleeved Peplum Top in their basic range

This cute grey top is super cheap and is in the basic boo hoo Range. It can be slightly see though but I wear a strap too under neath. I match this top with either a black pencil skirt or black smart trousers. For shoes I will either wear black dolly shoes or black heels. So simple and super comfy.

Light knit blue dress from H&M ( Bought last year)

This dress is perfect for all seasons, it’s light enough to wear in summer without tights but also great in the winter with tights.

Striped peplum from Primark

This striped peplum is super cute and again flattering for my figure type! I wear this usually with a black pencil skirt or trousers!

Floral 3/4 length sleeved top from Matalan

This top is really girly and looks really smart. My mum loved this top so much she bought herself one. It looks smart with or without a blaiser.

I hope you enjoy this post! I would love to hear your favourite places to buy work clothes!

DL ๐Ÿ’‹

Food bank

My Dad is chairman of a Food bank based in Hangleton. Every year I attempt to raise money, at Christmas time to dontate to the charity. 

I head most days from my dad about horrible situations people have been left in that leaves then without enough money to purchase dinner for them and there family. The little things we take for grant age like bread and tea bags are out of reach of people that could live on the same road as us. Food banks in general, are amazing charities that organisations as big as supermarkets and as small as someone clearing out their cupboard can donate too.

The first year I raised money by organising a office cake sale which raise just under ยฃ100. All the Your Move staff got involved by baking there own cakes and mince pies. We invited clients into our office for cake and coffee, as well as visiting all other local offices with the remaining cakes. 

The Christmas just gone, we came up with a new idea. We decided to organise a reverse advent calendar. Instead of opening a chocolate advent calendar, everyday and receive chocolate, we did the opposite. We would open a box that we made, and put something inside. 

Donations ranged from teabags to baby food. I asked my Dad what they needed he most and at the time they really needed baby stuff. Not only did the staff at Your Move donate daily, we had donations from clients, friends and contractors. Our Valuation Managers mother dontates ยฃ25, and with that we went and bought lots of baby food, baby wipes, dummies.  

The box was collected a few days before Christmas and we were overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that was collected. It was so rewarding donating that amount of stuff just before Christmas. Knowing that we made a difference to lots of families, so refreshing. 

I will continue to raise money for food banks, as I feel so passionate about what they do for local community’s. 

If you are looking for a New Years resolution this year, I challenge you to speak to your local food bank and see what you can do to help because I guarantee you it will be rewarding.


Dominique Lennon 

September completeย 

In September I set my self goals in all aspects of my life personal, work and fitness. 

September I wanted to focous on cardio. To do this I started taking grenadine shakes at 6:30am. I would get up and drive straight to the gym. I would spend 20 mins running, 10 mins on either cross trainer or bike machine. After this I would concentrate on core work outs such as sit ups, squats and plank. I would do this 3-4 times a week. There was one week where I achieved 5 days. 

At work I set myself the goal to earn ยฃ500 commission and not let any student move ins fall through. September is usually my last month of the year for good commission, so I had to give it a big push. The student move ins where difficult and I had to be careful to send out lots of documentation so that I covered myself. My target for let’s/apps is between 8-10 and This month I achieved 11. I earned myself ยฃ690 commission. Which is over my own personal goal. 

In my personal life I wanted to spend more time with family. I spent a Saturday with my cousin and his two children at a children play cafe. I also spend most of my Sunday’s with my niece, which has been so lovely and I will continue to do this. 

  • Octobers goals 
  • Food prep
  • 8 check ins ( work) 
  • Save money and stay in more
  • Gym 3-4 times a week 

Estate Agent Work Lifeย 

When I was 14, I asked my dad “can I have pocket money, all my friends get money from there parents”. 

To this he replied with a question “what do you need money for” 

I listed things I wanted  clothes, get a hair cut and hair accessories. 

A couple of days later we visited  my Dads friend, who owns an estate agent. When we arrived the owner went to make us a cup of tea / Coffee. My dad offered for me to make it instead of him. I made a strong black coffee for my dad, a tea with two sugers ( I actually used to have 3 sugers, but would never tell me dad that) and a Indian tea for the owner ( you warm up the milk in the microwave) 

After we finished drinking our tea the owner got up, shook my hand and said okay you can work here.

Every Saturday I would work at the estate agent. I would mainly make teas, field calls through to correct person and admin. I even got to do the inventories, in them days you walked around the properties with a recorder and typed it up when you got back to the office. 

This taught me the value of money at a young age.

A year later we moved to Brighton I went to school and six form, and had little jobs on the side.. I worked in a pub, burger van, telesales. 

After I left six form, I applied for an apprenticeship for a independent agent. 3 months into it I realised I couldn’t pay for my car, parking and insurance and get paid ยฃ400 a month. 

I emailed all the surrounding agent asking for a job and two weeks later I was working full time in an agent close to Brighton station. 
I’ve been there for almost three years now. I am now a Sales and Lettings consultant and learning to do lettings Valuations. 

The great thing about my job is having flexibility to be in the office doing admin or booking viewings, or to be out and about on viewings. I am also very competitive and I like to do better then everyone else. I also earn commision on properties that I let or sell which is a huge motivator. 

There is a lot of technical and legal side to estate agent and with that comes clients that don’t want to comply and then blame the agents. 

All together I love my job, I love waking  up and dressing smart to prepare myself to make some money.