My Mum is from the West Indies. She is from a very small island called Grenada, which is placed close to Trinidad and Tobago. 

The island is very small and is not developed in most area. The capital city is St George’s. This area has lots of shops and markets. The smell of nutmeg is very distinct there. 

A lot of the roads in Grenada do not have road signed or road markings. This is very scary when your driving up the moantains on narrow and curvy roads.

Unlike the U.K., there is no middle class people. You are either poor and live in beach huts or you are Rich and live in huge houses. 

My great grandad who passed away about 7 years ago, lived in a huge house with Akers of land. I visited him here three times in my life. He lived to be in his 90’s and was concidered the elder of Grenada. People would bring him gifts out of respect. I used to love going to his garden and picking fresh mangos for breakfast.

My Auntie Eslen also owned a big house. It was tradition to get up really early to have breakfast. Saltfish, plankton and fruit! Yum yum. 

My uncle David made a living from growing coco pods and selling them to the main chocolate company in the carrabien. I got to see the process of hove a cocopod is made into chocolate.

With lovely warm countries comes pesky bugs. I once thought I saw a small snake but then I realised it was a millipede. There is also a animal called a bat moth, it’s a moth the size of bat. At night time you would see the fire flys hovering around, very cool to look at.

Every body i met in Grenada was very nice. Everyone is down to earth, a lot of them laughed that they had not seen a white person before.

They also are not worried about time as much as we are. They sometimes joke that they may be late, so they say “see you at 5 in West Indian time” 

The beaches there are heaven! White sand and blue waters so clear you can see what your swimming with. There is a beach called the bbc, the all the locals know but is hard for tourists to find. Nothing is better then being on that beach, getting your hair braided while drinking a cold glass of ting. 

I hope I have educated you all on Grenada. Every time I tell someone where my mum is from they have no idea where it is!