November goals

2 months until the end of the year! Itโ€™s come round soooooo quickly!! Itโ€™s easy to slip off now, forget Goals and get distracted by Christmas ( ooooo sparkly lights) stay focused.

As always Iโ€™m writing down my goals to commit to them. Once I have done one off of each goal I colour in the number.

These are my goals in numbers:

  1. 15 Gym sessions
  2. Read 2 books
  3. 4 Mask Mondayโ€™s
  4. 2 sober weekends
  5. 8 MAs booked at work
  6. 6 pounds lost
  7. 2 charitable favours
  8. 5 Wednesday Weigh ins
  9. 8 blog posts
  10. 4 room cleans
  11. 15 instructions at work

My overall goals, is to be successful at work, loose weight, up my fitness and make sure my room is tidy and my mind is clear.

On page two, I have written myself reminders of why I wanted to do each goal in the first place. If in doubt I will refer back to my goal.

Of course lot of sticky notes and further planning in my diarys to make sure I reach my goals.

I am so ready for November, lots of exciting things planned for next year and now is the time to start prepare myself mentally and physically for the new year.

I hope you enjoyed this post! And I would love to know what you guys plan to achieve this month!

DL ๐Ÿ’•

Avocado oil mud – 7th heaven

Itโ€™s Post Halloween weekend and my skin is in need of tlc due to alcohol ruining my skin and the OTT Halloween make up drying my skin out.

This week I am trying another 7th heaven brand mask. This mask contains avocado, Aloe Vera and walnut in. The aim is to exfoliate and moistureโ€™s your skin.

How to apply

1. Cleanse your face

2. Apply

3. 15-20 mins relax time

4. Rinse off

First impressions of the mask, is that the smell of avocado is very strong. The overall smell of the mask is, an earth smell. Applying is really simple and isnโ€™t messy at all. I love the fact that the mask has beads in it, which exfoliates your skin as you apply it.

I left the mask on for 25 mins, this as enough time for it to fully dry. Again nice and simple to come off, I used a flannel and it took three mins to take it off. I felt like I was exfoliating my skin.

My skin feels fresh, and defiantly feels exfoliated. I love the fact it was easy to apply and easy to take off. I wasnโ€™t a fan off the smell, even though I love avocado! Strange!

I give this mask 4/5!

Have you tried any other 7th heaven masks? Whatโ€™s your favourite mask? I would love to hear from you!

DL โœจ

Positive changes, to help the world ๐ŸŒŽ

I’m always thinking of little way, to make a big difference to other people life’s. It’s a good feeling helping other people, and I’m sure it’s amazing for other people to be on the receiving end!

Coffee stamp cards โ˜•๏ธโ˜•๏ธโ˜•๏ธ

all love a coffee stamp card, 9 coffees later and you can finally have a free one! What a great achievement! It's feels amazing right getting something for nothing! Imagine how amazing it would be to give you free coffee to someone who is homeless, who is freezing from sleeping on the road. Why not give it to someone, who has nothing? You will honestly feel ten times more amazing!

Food Banks๐Ÿช๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿง๐Ÿก๐Ÿฒ๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿฅ˜

to your local food bank is a great way to help your local community. There are many ways you can donate, you can donate food that you have in your cupboards. Let’s face it, most of us have tins in our cupboards that have been there FOREVER! Pop them in a bag and drop them to your local food bank.

Buy one get one freeโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ

โ€ขWe al
a buy one get one free! Even if we went for one item, it’s great because we can use the other item when the first one runs out. However, you could always donate to your local food bank or to a hopeless person. They will
preciate it!

Clothes clear out๐Ÿ‘š๐Ÿ‘•๐Ÿ‘–๐Ÿ‘”๐Ÿ‘˜

  • Why not sort thought your clothes to declutter your bedroom! Clothes can be donated to local charity shops or again for the homeless. Every time I have a clear out, I donate to different charity shops as I can never decide on which charity is best

Hobbies to fundraising๐Ÿ“šโšฝ๏ธ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿคผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  • Fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact it can be fun! I once did a read-a-thon, I read six books in a week and raise over ยฃ100 for charity! I had the best week of reading and I did it for a great cause. That can be the same with anything from baking to jogging, there’s always room for something.

McDonald’s stickers ๐Ÿคถ๐Ÿผ

  • Every year McDonald’s do monopoly give aways sometimes you win big and sometimes you won food or drink prizes. For the last couple of years, when I have one a meal prize I have given it to a homeless person. Each time they have been so grateful and commented on how thoughtful I was. Defiantly made me feel good.

Spend time with the Elderly ๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿผ

  • The Elderly can get really lonely and look forward to social interaction. There are a few ways in which you can help. There is a charity called St Vincent to Paul, which is charity which involves volunteers visiting elderly people or helping them with small chores like their food shop! There is a club in Brighton called the casserole club. This charity pairs you up with someone Elderly in your area and you can choose to drop them dinner or have dinner with them. I know a few people that are involved with these charity’s and they say that it is so rewarding.


Wedding Guest

Being a wedding guest is actually so stressful! Especially when it’s in a different town. I mean not only have I got plan what to wear, how to do my hair and what shoes to wear; I have to also plan accommodation and transport. Thank goodness, I am not the bride .. I would be a major Bridezilla.

So I’m attending a wedding Mid August as my cousin is getting married. The church ceremony is in Reading and the reception is a half hour drive away in a fancy hotel.

The outfit

Okay, so being a female my first thought is what to I wear. Actually this thought also guided me to another thought, I probably should loose some weight? It’s defiantly helps having a goal, for weight loss. Now I’ve lost the initial weight, I was ready to order my dress 3 weeks before the wedding. I trolled through website after website, I looked in Next, Missguided and New look. Do I go extra, so I go sophisticated, do I go summery.. what if it rains. Eventually ( 2 weeks into looking) I found a light lilac, off the shoulder, sweat heart cut midi dress that I thought could be the one. I ordered it from and had it delivered the next day. I loved the colour when I opened it, and I tried it on and it fit great! It was maybe even a little to big for me ( which is good because I always order the same dress size on

The Nails

I had my nails done a few days before the Wedding. I had Almond shaped weddings, with purple Sheelac and Chrome over the top.

The Hair

So the day before the Wedding! I have visit Pretty Please in Hove ( where I get all my blow drys done) They have washed my hair, and pinned it up! I’m to sleep with the pins in, for my hair to bed ready for the BIG day ( My cousins Big day, I’m sound like its mine)

The Accommodation

This was complicated! So the wedding ceremony is in Wedding but the Reception is in a different town. So I have booked the Premier inn, in Reading by the oracle (ยฃ52 a night) for the Friday. Then on Saturday, I’ve book The Bird Hand Inn which is where the reception is! ( so I can get drunk and stumble back to me hotel) and finally I’ve booked the Premier Inn ( again) so that I’m back in Reading as my family live around the corner! NIGHTMARE! But I do think this is the easiest way to do it!

Pre Wedding Eve

It’s the day before the Wedding! Today so far I’ve worked until 1pm, had my hair done and it’s now 3pm. I’m almost finished packing but I’ve taken up 2/3 of the suitcase because I couldn’t decide what make up to bring, so I’ve brought all my pallets! ( not sure where my boyfriend stuff is going to go woooops) I’m waiting for Tony to finish work, so we can get on the road!

On Our Way

4:30pm and we are on our way! There is lots of of traffic, so we are taking the country roads! It takes us a while to get there and we arrive at 6:30pm at the Premier inn by the Oracle in Reading. Time to get ready for some dinner in the hotel, I’m looking a bit crazy with my pinned up hair.

Wedding Day

It’s the Big day ( For Sam and Ashley). We woke up at 8am, and got changed into some comfy clothes for breakfast in the hotel. The breakfast wasn’t that nice, as it was a little greasy for my liking. I enjoyed a Costa Cappuccino and a glass of fresh Orange juice.

Once our bellys were full, it was time for a hot shower and a hour and half to do my make up. For my make up I used my Huda Beauty Rose gold edition for my eye shadow, my Revolution baked bronzing Pallet and my usual make up. I actually did my eye shadow first, as I knew it was going to be quite heavy. Then cleansed my face , before doing the rest of my make up. Once, finished I unpinned my hair and I was ready to go.

My Dress is from, and it’s a Sweet Heath cut, midi dress. I wore my black scrappy block heels from Primark and my Envelope clutch from New Look.

Once, I was ready ( and took a few selfies) we got in the car to pick up my Auntie Lizzy before driving to the church.

Church Ceremony

The wedding Ceremony started late ( which is typical for a wedding) The Church was beautiful with Tall stained Glass Windows. The church was were my nanny and Grandad for married many many years ago. The Ceremony was lovely and the priest made lots of jokes keeping us entertained throughout.

The Hotel

We checked into the bird in hand Hotel after the Ceremony and freshened up. My dad went in a separate car and managed to sneak KFC into our room! We were all greeted with Pimms and sat outside in the Sunshine. The Hotel was super cute!!!

The Food

Unlike most weddings, the sit down meal was a BBQ!! I Had a hot dog, a burger and lots of salad. I also discovered that the American mustard I had smothered my food in was actually spicy French mustard. The puddings were a miniature selection and were very delicious.

The Toast

I must of been tipsy at this stage because I kept joking that they were going to give us roast, rather then us doing a roast. I realised this wasn’t the case when we were all handed a glass of wine. Lucky my dad and Tony didn’t like there’s, so after I drank there’s too.

The Party

Our tummies were full, our livers were saturated with alcohol and we were ready to boogie. There was lots of R&B tunes for me to dance too.

Bars Closed

At 11pm it was last orders but we were not ready to go to sleep yet. We decided to have an after party. It was the Bride, The Groom, my cousin, their friend, Tony and myself that carried on through. The Hotel told us off for drinking downstairs, so we drank our champaign in the car park. ( classy but fun)

It was safe to say we were all pretty drunk at the wedding. I had consumed Gin, wine and champagne ( I won’t even tell you about my hangover) I thought it was a good idea, to tell everyone to go for a family breakfast at 9am the next day. When i woke up, it didn’t think it was such a good idea.


It was a great Wedding! So lovely to see my family old ( 13 years I haven’t seen some of them for) that had travelled from America. It was amazing to drink with my cousins, and I’ve actually invited them for a night out in Brighton.

Small changes can make the biggest differentย 

What is change? To some people change means a big thing. Like moving home or getting a new job. I personally hate change because I hate feeling unsettled.

Sometimes when we are unhappy, we need to make small changes, so small that they are little adjustments.

This year I have changed a few little things and my life has been more positive. 

My main one is healthy eating. Instead of eating unhealthy for months and then saying crap I better go on a diet. I now eat healthy 80% of the time, and eating unhealthy is treat or a cheat day. This has made life so much better, fruit, veg and near is my main diet. My hair and skin is healthier and I feel better. 

Gym, I know I go on about the gym and I am sorry ( sorry not sorry) going to the gym between 2-4 times a week, makes my body feel great, which gives me more confindence. I also go for a swim, sauna and steam room which allows me some me times. I get rid of all my negative energy at the gym.

BB cream, is amazing. Before I would, put primer on, put foundation on, put concealer on, do my conture, then my power see and then my bronzer. I am sorry skin. Day time now, I use a BB cream, concealer if I need to and a bronzer. My skin feel so much healthier, on days off I try where no make up and let me skin breath. Of coarse on night out, I do the full whack but it is more rewarding. Plus I get an extra 10 mins to myself in the morning wooo.

Have some me time please? As I said swimming sauna and steam room time out. Reading a book rather then watching TV. Face mask and bubble bath instead of TV. Cooking a home cooked meal, with maybe a glass of wine. Sitting in front of the Tv every night is boring and you will get square eyes! Do something with your evenings, have time to reflect on life. Sometimes I go for a run along the seafront and I find a place to sit for ten mins just sit and listen to my music. 

All of these little changes make such a difference to life. They contribute to my confidence, to my daily motivation and help clear my head. I am able to be on top performance at work because I can concentrate. 
I take each day as it comes, but plan a head to make sure I’m allowing me time to do these things. 

Hospital visits are over yippeeeee

Yesterday, I was pleased to received a letter from the Hospital confirming I no longer need to attend hospital on a regular bases.

17 months ago, I started to suffer from breathing problems during my sleep. This problem would leave me waking up feeling overally hot and short of breath. It took me 9 months to tell anyone. My boyfriend made me tell my mum, and mum made me see a doctor. He was worried as I was having them almost every night and it made me feel sick in the mornings.

The doctors made me go for blood tests on New Year’s Eve last year. 

The doctor called me about my blood test results and I was told that my blood cells where unusually inflamed. A normal persons cells can become inflame when you have a problem, if you have a cold a normal persons blood cells will inflame between 0-12 and mine where on 50.

3 weeks later I attended an appointment at the Heamotoligy department which is the study of blood. My mum was trying to park the car ( limited spaces, anyone who lives in Brighton will feel my pain) so I had to run to my appointment on my own. I was weighed and measured and we discussed family history, and lifestyle habits. After this she examined me and told me she was feeling for inflammation / lumps. After this she discussed with my that she was sending me for a CT scan to test for Lymthomia cancer.

5 days later I was at Haywards Heath having a CT scan between my neck to pelvis. They insisted a warm liquid into my body and I was placed into a machine for 15-20 mins. 
I had to wait 6 weeks for my results, and the waiting game was the worst. Googling my symptoms and seeing they matches with this cancer. Reading that if it was deemed incurable, I could have three months to live. What would I do, I wouldn’t have treatment I would rather have a good quality of life. Would I be allowed to travel abroad? Would I get health insurance? I may never get to go to Thailand or Bora Bora.

6 weeks later, I was told that my CT scan came back fine. More bloods tests showed that my blood cells where still inflamed. Next, I was referred for tests of TB infection for this I was referred to a chest clinic and had a blood tests that was sent to London. I had chest X-rays, tested my breathing and lung capacity. Again, I waited for another 6 weeks for results. These also came back fine.

My next appointment they decided to test me for Anxitey, maybe I was having panic attacks in my sleep. This could be tested by the amount of Adrenaline glands and also by a 24 hour urine test. Peeing in a jug for 24 hours was not ideal. They where also testing to see if I had any Tumours.

6 weeks later, this came back fine as well. 

Regulare blood tests had also shown that my blood cells where now inflamed to 29 and my problem had become less frequent. Due to this they decided that this problem was nothing life threatening and that it wasn’t something they could test for. There was a possibility that it could be a hormonal issue but this is not something they can test. If my issue is to get worst, I will need to return and be referred to an infection specialist. 

This whole process took just under 7 months. I am great full for my mum being at every hospital appointment. This is the reason that I have decided to go traveling. This whole year has revolved around feeling ill most days, going for blood tests, ct scans, worrying that I may not live long. It has made me realise that every day is precious and you really do only live once.

I hope one day my problem will be non existence but until then I know that I am safe and I just have to get on with it.