Lunch with myself? I can’t cancel that again!

Oh yes, I've used a Grinch quote! ( if you are wondering what the Grinch is you better say sorry to Dr Seauss)

Doing things by yourself is such an important aspect of life and mental health. It helps your confidence grow as well as giving you time to reflect and think.

Now and again I like to go for a coffee with myself. I bring along my Kindle and a note pad. I try and avoid looking at my phone as that distracts me. I order myself a nice hot drink and try find a seat by the window.

Years ago, I struggled to walk to the shop on my own and I always asked my friends to come with me. It took a while to build up my confidence to do it but I feel amazing every time I do it.

I write down my thoughts and ideas that I have reflected on. Even taking a hour out just to spend time reading really helps. I always feel great afterwards.

This has helped me become confident in going to the gym by myself. I've even started to going to fitness classes on my own.

So try it next time you have a spare hour! Book in some time to meet yourself and spend time with yourself.

DL 💋

First weekend of MayΒ 

Okay, so I went to a friends BBQ on Friday and they where discussing my blog. It’s nice to know people actually read it and I’m not just talking to myself like a crazy person. 

So they drunkenly requested for my next post, about our cute evening. 

One of my best friends lives in an amazing penthouse in Hove, with great views of Brighton and Hove. 

We where greeted by the most amazing Strawbery Daquri cocktails and we where later fed yummy BBQ food.

It was a rare occasion where all my best friends were all together and a few of the boys. I was also requested to give Oli a shoutout ha.

Later on the evening, we all cuddled up under blankets. The highlight of the evening was the fireworks over the seafront.

We also went from sophisticated cocktail and champaign.. To adding vodka to vodka ice.

Over all, I had a lovely time and had a really cute night.