My pet hatesย 

Everyone has that one thing that annoys them. No matter if your in the best mood, if this thing happens then it’s ruined your whole day. I must admit that I feel I may have more then others. 

  1. People sneezing around me! Okay, so I know this is not somthing people can help. If I am in a small space, such as a lift and somebody sneezes; it actually makes me angry. I start to think of all the bacteria that’s floating in the air. What is they have a cold or a flu bug, it now airborne. Th worst thing about people sneezing is the smell, I do not care what anyone says but people sneezing has a bad smell. If I am in a car and someone sneezes, I will put my window down to avoid their diseases and smelly sneeze! 
  2. Bad manners! If I open a door for you, all I would like is you to say is Thank you. If I stop in the middle of the road, for you to get out of a junction, all I ask back is a simple wave to say thanks for that. Manners really do not cost a thing and I’m sure you would expect people to thank you, so why would you not bother. I also hate hearing people be rude to people who work in customer service. They may be serving you because that’s there job but they are certainly not your servants and you should treat them with respect. 
  3. Liar! There is no excuse for lying. The second that I am lied to, will be the same second that I no longer trust you and will no longer remain your friend. I hate when people lie about things that do not need to be lied about. Lying for attention is just as bad. 
  4. Bad eyebrows. Now this one sounds mean and is probably judgemental of me. I always notice when people have bad eyebrows and once I noticed it I can’t concentrate on anything else sorry!
  5. Chewing with your mouth open. ARE YOU A WASHING MACHIENE??? No, well that’s what I can see in your mouth, all your food swirling around and that is not okay. Not is chewing really loudly or talking with food in your mouth. It literally puts me off my food.