Today’s daily promt is the word shine. Whilst, to me the word shine may be positive to other it may not. 

Some people may struggle to shine, or they my feel of they shine as much as they want to they may be judged my others. 

The words shine, is to show everything, to beam and give it your all. To make a door handle shiny, you have to add polish and give it a load of elbow grease.

For us to personally shine to out full potential. We have to strip back to basics and give it everything we have. 

In order to shine at work, you have to break the job down in to smaller bites and master each individual part, so that the total part shines. 

To be best we can be as a person, we have to get rid of any fake aspects on the surface and work hard with what we have naturally. 

Why do we want to shine? Because the heart automatically loves shiny things. It’s get all of our senses excited, to our eyes eye candy and to our brains a puzzle of why it is shiny. 

How do you see the worldย 

If you look at the clouds when you are feeling negative, you will see the clouds as blocking the sun or see the clouds as the beginning of the formation of rain. 

If you look at the clouds when you are feeling positive, you can see the way the lights bounces off them. You will see the clouds as bubbly beautiful shapes or thin and whispy allowing the light to beam through them.

If you look at the clouds when you are feeling childish you may see them as candy floss, or the clouds may connect together to become shapes. 

If you look at the clouds with a curious mind you may see that the clouds are different, they are floating in the sky and may be seen by different people in different moods around the world.