Road Trip

I love exploring! Especially after exploring Thailand, I discovered how fun it is to try new places and new things. This weekend me and My partner decided to go on a Road trip!

Friday – Reading
Friday we headed down to Reading, we have been here many times and usually is a straight run that takes less then two hours. Today being the first Friday of the summer holidays it took 3 hours and 45 mins! Night mare, we eventually got to Reading around 2pm. We drove straight to my nan and grandads for a catch up and then to my aunties were we would be staying the night. We went for dinner with my Aunties to TGI Fridays and it was lovely food! The TGI in Reading was not as busy as the one in Brighton but was still fairly busy. We then went to Beach bar, which is soooo random. It's a bar with swings and fake sand, was all fun and games until it rained and we were standing outside with our cocktails! We soon retreated to Yates for a few more drinks and I met with one of my childhood friends for a drink. Which was amazing as we haven't seen each other in years and it felt like nothing had changed. Saturday morning my auntie made us all bacon sandwiches, which I think we all needed!

Saturday – Basingstoke
Saturday lunch time, we drove to Basingstoke for shopping and lunch. We of course went to Nando's for our lunch! Shopping was great we both got loads of hits we needed! I defiantly recommend festival place for food and shopping.The car park was a little confusing.. we defiantly lost out car for twenty mins haha!

Saturday night hotel disaster
Our original hotel was booked in Hook. They called us Thursday night to tell us they where going refurbishments to the hotel and some of the rooms were not ready. The rooms we booked happened to be the ones not ready. They said they would book us in to a hotel down the Road. On Saturday, 4pm we checked into the new hotel. We walked to our room to find it hadn't been cleaned from the people that slept there before, there was dirty sheets and dirty towels in the room. After complaining, they showed us to another room but even though this room had been cleaned, it was so small, black stained carpet and was to a poor standard for £70 I had paid. We managed to get a refund and decided to stay at the Hilton in Bracknell which was a 20 min drive

Hilton bracknell
What a lovely hotel! We checked in at 6:30pm. Our room was nice and tidy, had an amazing double jet shower. It was super busy but we managed to book a table for 8pm for dinner. I felt so refreshed after a shower and got ready with a glass of bubbly. Dinner was a 3 course buffet; I had patte on toast, curry and rice and sponge cake for desert. Me and my partner for the first time in our life shared a bottle of wine ( now I know he likes it.. we can drink wine every date night! YAASS) I had a good night sleep and had a great
breakfast in the morning!

Winchester – science centre
Sunday morning we drove to Winchester to play at the science centre! Great fun for all ages from testing how high you can jump, to learning about your organs to watching a film about the galaxy!
We spend around 3 hours here!

Portsmouth pier
After playing at the science centre, we were not ready for our adventure to end yet. We made a diversion on the way home to Portsmouth pier, we played in the Arcade, had a burger from Browns, went on rides and played mini golf! I really loved Portsmouth and want to play a weekend to come back!

6pm, we arrived home tired from our day of fun! Just in time to change into pjs and watch Monana ( which is now on sky yay)

DL 💋

Spelling and Writtingย 

When I was born, my parent where told that I may never be able to read or write.

My mum proved them wrong. She spend a lot of time helping me to read and write and before I knew it I was ahead of my class in primary school.

I would read a new book every week. In year 6, I did a readathon where I read 6 books in one week and raised over ยฃ100 for a local charity.

Although I loved reading. Writing and spelling was not my thing. 

I would attend extra writing classes in year 5/6, where I would follow the dotted line with my pen and concentrate on writing in a straight line. Most people have a dominant eye, and your other eye will follow what your dominant eye does.

Unfourtantly for me, I do not have a dominant eye but luckily for me I don’t notice this in everyday life.

Even now my writing is not the neatest but with a lot of concentration i can make it neat. I love when I send my nanny and grandad cards, they still compliment me on my neat handwriting. 

The real reason I am writing this blog is about my spelling. I am sure all of you English language critics notice my spelling mistakes. When I was younger I would sit with my mum and she would help me constantly with my spelling. When I grew older I would still ask my mum for help with my spelling.

In gcse I got a C in England language, and in my A levels I also got a C in English language. The reason for my results was my creativity and I actually lost marks for my spelling in the exam. 

I cannot explain why I struggle with spelling and no matter how much anyone helps me, it’s not something I can improve. 

Luckily the technology is there for me in my everyday job ( estate agent), as I write descriptions and send emails constantly. If I feel I’ve made a spelling mistake, I ask my work friends to check it over for me.
So I am sorry if my spelling mistake and messy hand writing offends any of you, but this is part of who I am.
( sorry not sorry) 

Aunties Weddingย 

When I was younger I complained to my Auntie Diana that I had never been Bridesmaid. To which she reassured me with a promise that when she gets married I can be Bridesmaid at her wedding. 

In 2015, I got a phone call from my Auntie Announcing she was engaged and asked me to be bridesmaid. 

It took one year to plan the Wedding in fine detail. We bought our bride maid dresses 3 months before the wedding, which motivated me to loose a little weight before the wedding. 

The night before the wedding we stayed at the Holiday Inn. 

On the 14th May 2016, I met my grandparents, parents, Auntie and the grooms family for breakfast in the hotel. 

After this me and my Auntie Lizzy (other Bridesmaid) headed to Head Masters in Town to get our hair sorted for the day. 

I loved mine, Kitty did a great job. 

Next was the make up, and lots of make up setting spray.

The Wedding was held at the Registery office in Reading. The Brides maids, flower girl and Maid of Honour say at the front. When the groom said his vows he started to well up and only managed to croak the words. A tear came to my eye I must admit. My auntie accidentally said “Awfully Wedded husband” rather then Lawfully. 
Once the ceremony was over we rushed outside with the confetti. Next we took lots of photos infront of the building, in the gardens or infront of the wedding car. 

Next was the Wedding Breakfast ( first meal after the marriage is called the wedding breakfast) 

We were greeted by chanpaign and canapรฉs, while we waited for them to finish preparing the room.

We had a beautiful 3 course meal, Soup, Roast Dineer and Pofitarolls. There was also free wine with dinner. 

We had a hour to go back to our hotel rooms to freshen up before the disco. I used this opertunitys to take some good selfies.

The disco was lovely, I had fun having a dance of with my mum, dancing to can’t touch this with my nan and slow dancing with my boufriend. later on there was a buffet which included cupcake and pick and mix. 

We boogied the night away until close around 12:30am. I had a fab night seeing all my family and feeling proud of my Autie.