Avocado oil mud – 7th heaven

It’s Post Halloween weekend and my skin is in need of tlc due to alcohol ruining my skin and the OTT Halloween make up drying my skin out.

This week I am trying another 7th heaven brand mask. This mask contains avocado, Aloe Vera and walnut in. The aim is to exfoliate and moisture’s your skin.

How to apply

1. Cleanse your face

2. Apply

3. 15-20 mins relax time

4. Rinse off

First impressions of the mask, is that the smell of avocado is very strong. The overall smell of the mask is, an earth smell. Applying is really simple and isn’t messy at all. I love the fact that the mask has beads in it, which exfoliates your skin as you apply it.

I left the mask on for 25 mins, this as enough time for it to fully dry. Again nice and simple to come off, I used a flannel and it took three mins to take it off. I felt like I was exfoliating my skin.

My skin feels fresh, and defiantly feels exfoliated. I love the fact it was easy to apply and easy to take off. I wasn’t a fan off the smell, even though I love avocado! Strange!

I give this mask 4/5!

Have you tried any other 7th heaven masks? What’s your favourite mask? I would love to hear from you!

DL ✨

I want to change me

There is so much debate everyday… are magazines influencing girls and women on how their bodies should look? Does celebrity body shaming force us to want cosmetic surgery.

I think yes to a degree. However everyone has their own mind and can handle the situation differently.

For me, I have always had worries my nose is to wide? My top lip is too thin? My hair doesn’t grow? My eyebrows are patchy? And my skin is awful.

These are not influenced by magazines or social media. They are all things I see in the mirror when I look in the mirror.

Initially I wanted to change all of these things but eventually I have up on the idea….

Until this year… it all started when I decided to have my eye brows microbladed. This is a semi permanent tattoo, on the eye brow done in small flicks to look like natural hair. It cost £150 for stage one, 6-8 weeks recovery and then another £75. The reason I wanted this was because I shaved my eyebrows off when I was 13… little miss rookie thought she could make her brows thinner with a razor! I have a blog post coming soon about my micro blading!!

Since having this, I feel so much better! I don’t apply make up to my brow everyday and I feel so fresh!

This little thing has made me feel better about my face and more confident.

Now it has me thinking what next!

Next year I plan to have my teeth professionally whitened in a salon, as I’m conscious about my smile. I also plan to either have microblading lip Liner to define my top lip or lip filer. I also plan to visit a dermatologist, to start a plan of treatment for my skin.

I know this is a lot of change, but I have suddenly thought if it’s going to make me happier and make me confident then why the hell not.

I have always been in the frame of the mind that you should never change you. And I stick by that don’t change your personality for anyone. You are beautiful. And don’t change your looks for anyone ( my boyf hates the idea of me wanting all of this done) BUT.. if it’s going to make you feel happier and make your mind clearer then you should do what you want.

My top tips would be to check out the places you are visiting, reviews and before and after photos. Anything important like this needs to be super checked out and sometimes it’s better to pay more money then less.

What do you guys think??? I would love to know your thoughts on this as I understand it’s controversial ( I hope I haven’t offended anyone)

DL ✨

Garnier – Matcha Tea & Clay

For today’s mask Monday, I am using Matcha Tea and clay mas by Garnier Skin Active brand.

This mask of for combination to oily skin is said to purify and give you fresh mattified and clean skin.

This week my skins in major need of TLC, I think the junk food has caught up with my skin and given me some big spots ( Sorry skin)

This mask is a great texture, really easy to apply! I love the smell of the mask too as it remind me off a tea tree mask but not as strong smell.

like most masks some areas dry quicker then other and even though it said 10 mins.. it was probably 12 mins until it was fully dry.

Getting it off was a little harder then putting it on. Some bits really clung to my skin and I used my beauty scrubber to remove it fully.

My skin felt super refreshed after and it felt really really clean.

Within a couple of days, my bigger spots started to dry a little ( and shrink) but the rest of my skin remained feeling fresh and moisturised!

I would defiantly recommend this one for when you are in need of a skin boost!

Would love to know if you have tried any similar masks?

DL 💋

Summer Faves💋

Their are lots of factors that effect our skin, hair and bodies. The weather is defiantly one of these factors. I love summer because my skin gets browner and my hair goes lighter. Here are my favourite products to
make it through summer.

Micellar cleansing water 💦

I love this stuff, not only does it melt my eye make up away without tugging and rubbing. It cleans my skin and soothes it. It really leaves my skin feeling fresh!

Simple Moisturiser

I personally prefer a light moisturiser to hydrate my skin. I've tried lots of different ones but have found that this one is the best. The smallest amount gives you lots of vitamins, includes Borage seed oil and it's very natural so should not upset your skin.

Defend your hair girls!

I have two favourite summer hair products; that I will use without fail. The first is this Argan oil heat defence leave in spray. Not only does it protect your hair from heat styling but it also leaves Argan oil in your hair to keeps your hair silky and smooth. I then also use VO5 Frizz free cream, literally a pea size to the end of my hair again it protects and makes my hair look healthy and glossy. It's super important to use heat products in the summer, Because if your hair is weaker from heat styling and then left to sit in the sun, you will seriously damage your hair! 😳😳

Summer fragrance

This is not a summer essential .. well actually it kind of is. I love my perfumes and my favourite summer mist is "Pure Seduction by Victoria Secrets". Even more excited that this can be purchased in Super Drug! They also do a moisturiser and other products to match.

Lip balm 💄

Do no forget to keep your lips hydrated. It can be hard when MAC makes so many amazing summer lipsticks to forget to put lip balm on your lips. I use "baby lips" by Maybelline which is not only great for my lips but is also a tinted colour. I use this on a day to day bases at work for a natural look.

DL 💋