I’ve had a great week and great weekend.

It’s interesting how the weather can change your mood. Beautiful sunny days, left me in a better mood. 

All week, I have been commuting to London. I have been getting up at around 6am, and getting home between 7pm-9pm depending on when southern rail decide to give me a train. 

Although I have had a hetic week, I have had extra reading time. I Managed to finish Reading The Missing by C L Taylor. I also had time to buy The Escape by C L Taylor and read it by Sunday. It was really refreshing spending my time reading, rather then somthing mind numbing like scrolling in Facebook.

This week also got me thinking about allocating myself more time to myself. I feel it’s really important to allocated extra time to a hobby for my mental health. I decided I would like to get back into photography. My camera was charged and memory card was inserted by Saturday.

This weekend has been lovely. Friday, was more of a dinner, glass of wine and bed. Until my boyfriend remembered we were supposed to be at a party, we quickly went there for one but honestly thought I was going to fall asleep after my loooooong week. 

Saturday morning, I did some spring cleaning before getting ready to go for a picnic with my best friends and our boyfriends. I met them in Stanmer park, where we ate food, drunk cider and even played rounders. When I arrived home I sat in the garden with my mum and dad soaking up the last of the sun.

Sunday, we took Tony’s younger niece to the park for a picnic. I know two in one week, spoiling myself! After the picnic we stayed at his aunties in the Garden, which escalated to BBQ and drinks.

To wind down from the weekend, I had a long soak in the bath with a glass of wine and read the last chapter of my book. 

Is it Summer time yet?

It’s that time of the year, when the sun comes out for one day. Everyone whips out their shorts and heads to the beach. 

What happens after that? It rains for a week and we all get depressed and wished it was summer. 

This summer I plan to make the most of it. Warm jogs along Brighton seafront and BBQ with my girlies in the evening. 

Also, my job become more enjoyable. Walking to viewing and appointments is much better when its sunny. 

This year I will be going to Amsterdam in June,  hopefully it’s sunny there too. 

The other thing I love about summer is the fact it’s my birthday in June. It’s also my dad birthdays on the same day. 

All this remanising about summer made me look over my summer photos and I thought I would share some with you guys.