Wine tastingย 

Thursday evening was not my average Thursday evening. Usually I would finish work, make myself some dinner watch eastenders and go to sleep about 10.

The girls had surprised me with a wine tasting session as one of my birthday surprises. I finished work at 6pm and walked down to Pompokos with Serena to meet Saskia there. For dinner I had a chicken namban don, or you could just call it number 18.

At 7pm, we walked up to the ten green bottles in the laines where we met Anna. 

We taste 6 different types of wine; white, red, Rose, port and sparkling white wine. My favourite wine was called ridge way and was a white sparking English wine from ditching. I learnt a lot about swishing the wine round and understanding that the speed of the “legs” falling down the glass showed how much suger and alcohol was in the wine. I learnt how to slurp the wine to allow oxygen to enhighten the taste. To be honest I was tipsy after two glasses of wine, so imagine how I felt after 6. 

After this we went to the cocktail bar next door and order two cocktails. Saskia encouraged me to try a Long Island which was actually very nice. Anna and I drunkly salsa danced around the bar, and we were rewarded by a free cocktail from the manager.

From here we went for a boogie at the Font and then to the cricketers in Brighton. 
Our friend Oli kindly picked us up and gave us a lift home. I’m sure he loved all of us girls singing Justin bieber songs in the back of his car.