Christmas movies

It’s time to get in your winter pjs, make hot snacks and cuddle up under your furr throw. Switch the TV on and what are you going to watch….

Here are my Top 5 Christmas films( in no perticular order because I love all Christmas films way to much so they are all number

  1. The grinch

I know he’s Mean and hairy and smelly. His hand are cold and clammy but I think he’s kind of sweeet. If Cindy Lou says so then it must be true. This film is a family favourite of mine. We use this film to start to the countdown to Christmas. Always after fireworks night, that our official Christmas countdown. It’s so heart warming and perfect to watch with the family.

  1. Elf

“Santa, I know him I know him” literally such a heart warming film! Every time I watch it the funny bits seem to get funnier! And then there’s one of those cry with happiness moments! It’s also an easy watch! I love to watch this one in my Christmas jumper!

  1. Homealone

Always a good shout! No matter which one you watch! Kevin is the real life version of Denis the menas and clue in the title he’s gets left alone at home. He’s such a cheeky chappy and you will grow to love him! If your looking for a longer film to snug up on the sofa too this is the one! Ps I think the second one is my fave

  1. Arther Christmas

Arther is my spirit animal he is super clumsy and is obsessed with Christmas! This film is a Christmas adventure with super cute and loving characters ( for example Santa and his family) it has a modern feel and is great to explain to kids how Santa works.

  1. Scrooge

Everyone has the one classic christmas film that they love and this is mine! There are so many versions but I generally love them all. Always one that leave you thinking about your own life and makes you appreciate everything

I would love to hear your favourite Christmas films!!!!

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