How do you see the worldย 

If you look at the clouds when you are feeling negative, you will see the clouds as blocking the sun or see the clouds as the beginning of the formation of rain. 

If you look at the clouds when you are feeling positive, you can see the way the lights bounces off them. You will see the clouds as bubbly beautiful shapes or thin and whispy allowing the light to beam through them.

If you look at the clouds when you are feeling childish you may see them as candy floss, or the clouds may connect together to become shapes. 

If you look at the clouds with a curious mind you may see that the clouds are different, they are floating in the sky and may be seen by different people in different moods around the world.


6am and my alarm is ringing. The only time I love to hear my alarm is when I am going on holiday.

I jump straight out of bed, grab a towel and downstairs to shower. I only washed my hair yesterday but I would like freshly washed hair for today. I trip away with the girls is going to be selfie central. I purposely woke the my boyfriend, so I could climb back in bed for cuddles before setting off. 

We arrived at newhaven port around 7:30. We had toasted sausage sandwiches and tea, before boarding the boat. The boat trip took 4 hours and I start reading a new book. We went outside for around ten mins but came back in as it was too windy. When we exited the boat, we went the wrong way once we realised and turned around we could not find anyone on the boat. We eventually found the exit and the security man laughed at us for holiding everyone up.

It was very sunny when we arrived in Dieppe, we took a bus from the port to central Dieppe. From  there we managed to flag down a taxi and us to take us to our hotel. Our hotel was called the F1, and cost 44 euros. It was the only hotel we could find that would accept 3 people in a room. It had a bunk bed in our room and the toilets and shower where communal on each floor. We thought it would be fun, as we always have fun when we are together.

Once settled in our hotel, we drunk cava and got ready to visit the town for dinner.

For dinner we went to a lit up French resteraunt, that seemed to be very popular. Serena and I, had muscles in a garlic sauce and chips. Anna has a carbonara with their local cheese, Anna didn’t eat all of her food after Serena put her off by telling her it smelt bad. We had yummy cocktails with dinner.

After dinner, we visit the kite festival they had stalls, and Tippies and of coarse kites. It was not as lively as we thought, perhaps it was busier during the day. 

We walked further down to the seafront, where we shared a crepe for pudding and bought a bottle of wine ( classy I know, but we had plastic cups yay) 

Anna and I, walked in the sea. It was still humid, the sea was mildly warm and sun was setting. 

Around 10pm, we looked for a taxi. In the end we had to call one. “Parlez-vous anglais” I asked, ” wee wee” he replied. I told him where we were and that we wanted to go back to our hotel. I was feels pretty proud of myself. 

Back in the hotel, we ate cone crisps, drank orange juice and ate some strange crisps that tasted like peanut butter. We all had a three way spoon, before Serena went into her bunk bed. 

I had a okay night sleep, apart from being woken up by Anna to take her to the communal toilet! She also stole the covers a lot of the night. 

In the morning, we woke up around 9am. We decided to google map and walk to the McDonald’s that was 15 mins away. I was a little bit wary about walking there as I felt we where out in the sticks and would have to walk along main roads. It turned out to be a simple 15 min walk.

We ordered petite de’j, which is the equivalent to their mcmuffin.. Apart from it’s just bacon and egg. It was โ‚ฌ2.50 for Petit De’j and a cappuccino, so I treated the girls to breakfast. 

To head home, we decided to take a taxi. This time we phones three taxi company’s and none of them spoke the slightest bit of English. With only twenty mins to go, before we had to check in to the ferry, we had to ask the manager of McDonald’s to speak to the taxi man and order is a taxi as she spoke a little English. She kindly did it for us and the taxi took 15 mins. 

On the way the girls fell asleep, but I was too much into my book to fall asleep. Outside, the wind was a lot calmer and it was much more peaceful. 

Once we arrived back to the UK, my boyfriend picked us up to go home. Very cute, that he got out of the car to give me a big hug. 

The trip to Dieppe cost me around ยฃ97 including boat, hotel and spending money. It was sunny weather, and Dieppe had very scenic beaches, boats and buildings. 

I enjoyed spending time with the girlies, laughing, drinking, trying to speak French and have a giant sleep over in bunk beds. 

August targetsย 

1st of August I set myself some goals, which I posted on Instagram. Did I stick to them? 

  • Tummy and thighs

I went to the gym 3 times a week without fail all month. I managed 4 times only on one of the weeks. I focus mainly on adding the bike machine to my gym routine and spending 20 mins at the end of my session on sit ups, crunches, planks and squats. I did the bootea detox which means a tea every morning and a night tea every other night. 

Photo above was progress from first day of the month to the last day of the month. 

  • Work: let 8-10 properties 

This month I let 9 properties. I implemented simple thing such as client contact within 7 days and focuses mainly on the front end of my job. 

  • Book hotel for Thailand 

Hotel is booked for Bangkok, we went to a Thai festival so we have lots of information and a better plan. I am still to get visas though. 

August was also fulfilled with going to a two day street party for pride, having a few days off to go to the beach, friends leaving do, friends birthday party, Thai festival and a couple of date nights.

All in all I think August was a successful month and I’m looking forward to set my September goals.