Small changes can make the biggest different 

What is change? To some people change means a big thing. Like moving home or getting a new job. I personally hate change because I hate feeling unsettled.

Sometimes when we are unhappy, we need to make small changes, so small that they are little adjustments.

This year I have changed a few little things and my life has been more positive. 

My main one is healthy eating. Instead of eating unhealthy for months and then saying crap I better go on a diet. I now eat healthy 80% of the time, and eating unhealthy is treat or a cheat day. This has made life so much better, fruit, veg and near is my main diet. My hair and skin is healthier and I feel better. 

Gym, I know I go on about the gym and I am sorry ( sorry not sorry) going to the gym between 2-4 times a week, makes my body feel great, which gives me more confindence. I also go for a swim, sauna and steam room which allows me some me times. I get rid of all my negative energy at the gym.

BB cream, is amazing. Before I would, put primer on, put foundation on, put concealer on, do my conture, then my power see and then my bronzer. I am sorry skin. Day time now, I use a BB cream, concealer if I need to and a bronzer. My skin feel so much healthier, on days off I try where no make up and let me skin breath. Of coarse on night out, I do the full whack but it is more rewarding. Plus I get an extra 10 mins to myself in the morning wooo.

Have some me time please? As I said swimming sauna and steam room time out. Reading a book rather then watching TV. Face mask and bubble bath instead of TV. Cooking a home cooked meal, with maybe a glass of wine. Sitting in front of the Tv every night is boring and you will get square eyes! Do something with your evenings, have time to reflect on life. Sometimes I go for a run along the seafront and I find a place to sit for ten mins just sit and listen to my music. 

All of these little changes make such a difference to life. They contribute to my confidence, to my daily motivation and help clear my head. I am able to be on top performance at work because I can concentrate. 
I take each day as it comes, but plan a head to make sure I’m allowing me time to do these things. 

A year ago today around lunch time, a plane from the shoreham air show crashes into the A27. My friend text me telling me not come because a plane had gone down and everyone was worried that the piloet had died. 

A few hours later, it unravel that it was more then just one person that was injured. 

That evening, there was videos being uploaded on Facebook of the disaster. Watching the videos was horrific and my boyfriend kept saying to me it was so close to home, could of been anyone we knew or any of us. 

The following morning I woke up to the news that one of the 11 victims was Matthew Grimstone. He was my best friends, boyfriends best friend. He was a kind and gentle person. He was softly spoken and was always cracking jokes. We had entered the new year with him, at a club in walkabout. He was always the funniest person when we went out, he was more lively and silly after a few drinks. 

The last time I saw him, was at my friends graduation BBQ, which was only a couple of weeks before. 

The new caused me to break down in tears. I was even more upset to find out the videos I had saw from the night before, included his car which he would of been in.  I will always hate people sharing videos like that, because you don’t know who them videos are effecting. The front page of the Argus was also a picture of his car, with the road damaged around it. 

Shoreham came together, placing flowers on the bridge and messages. There was also a vidguland held, the following week where we placed candels on the bridge. 

We also attended a football match at Brighron and hove Amex, where Matt worked that was held in memory of Matt and Jacob. 

Plenty of charity event have been held on the last year, to keep their memory alive. 

The last year had made me value a lot. It had made me cherish moment with loved ones, as you never know what’s going to happen. Matt and Jacob where on their way to football, nobody could of guessed that something like that would of happened. 

It has opened my eye how shoreham came together in a time of tragedy in their town.

It opened my eyes to how strong people can be during a dark time. 

One year later I pray for everyone effected. I pray for the police and fire fighters who were traumatised after what they saw. I pray for the 11 men who where taken so soon, to know they are loved and missed. 

I heard a saying yesterday that stick in my mind.

“Always on our minds, but forever in our hearts “

Spelling and Writting 

When I was born, my parent where told that I may never be able to read or write.

My mum proved them wrong. She spend a lot of time helping me to read and write and before I knew it I was ahead of my class in primary school.

I would read a new book every week. In year 6, I did a readathon where I read 6 books in one week and raised over £100 for a local charity.

Although I loved reading. Writing and spelling was not my thing. 

I would attend extra writing classes in year 5/6, where I would follow the dotted line with my pen and concentrate on writing in a straight line. Most people have a dominant eye, and your other eye will follow what your dominant eye does.

Unfourtantly for me, I do not have a dominant eye but luckily for me I don’t notice this in everyday life.

Even now my writing is not the neatest but with a lot of concentration i can make it neat. I love when I send my nanny and grandad cards, they still compliment me on my neat handwriting. 

The real reason I am writing this blog is about my spelling. I am sure all of you English language critics notice my spelling mistakes. When I was younger I would sit with my mum and she would help me constantly with my spelling. When I grew older I would still ask my mum for help with my spelling.

In gcse I got a C in England language, and in my A levels I also got a C in English language. The reason for my results was my creativity and I actually lost marks for my spelling in the exam. 

I cannot explain why I struggle with spelling and no matter how much anyone helps me, it’s not something I can improve. 

Luckily the technology is there for me in my everyday job ( estate agent), as I write descriptions and send emails constantly. If I feel I’ve made a spelling mistake, I ask my work friends to check it over for me.
So I am sorry if my spelling mistake and messy hand writing offends any of you, but this is part of who I am.
( sorry not sorry) 

Important to have a time out 

Do not get my wrong, I enjoy my job. At the moment we are short staffed, so my usual hard work is timesed by three. The problem is you come in your take a good run between 8:45-6 and then you start again. Eventually, our going to get tired from running and you will start jogging. In my industry they is heavy target driven, jogging is okay. 
I decided to take 4 days off work. 2 days being over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday. I made no plans until the days.

Saturday morning was not the best day, as I ended up in hospital after call 111. Luckily by lunch time, I was given the go ahead to go home. My boyfriend who had taken me to hospital took me for lunch at a place called roosters ( nom nom) and then we went shopping for Rucksacks for Thailand. I also bought a blue torch and blue water bottle. 

Saturday night, we went to town for my friends leaving do. I had some proseco at home before meeting them in town for cocktails. 

Sunday morning, lunch time and early afternoon I spent recovering. I was woken by my niece at 2pm, with her chanting lazy bum and bundling me. From there we took selfies, played charades and had dinner. 

Monday morning, it was time to hit the gym. I did a hour work out and then went for a swim, steam room and sauna. I went straight from the gym to Hove, slug and lettuce to meet mum for lunch. In the evening I met my friends Beth and Ariana for a cider and chicken gougons.

Yesterday, was my most relaxing day. I got up and slowly got ready, I had my fruit salad and pinapple juice in front of the TV. I got ready to meet my friends; Faye, Holly, josh and Nat for some Thai food in Brighton Laines. I had a lovely penut based curry with prawns. 

After lunch we drove to Rottingdean beach. I loved walking over the rocks to get into the sea. We saw crabs, shrimps and fish in the rock pool. We sat on a rock and paddled our feet in the water. We sat on the beach for a couple of hours, talking mainly about traveling. 

After the beach, I was craving a swim so I stopped at the gym on my way home and went for a half hour swim and then sauna and steam room. 

I had a relaxing evening at home, before retiring to bed around 10pm. 

Having time off, gave me lots of time to reflect and reenergised my life. I felt cleansed from stress from sitting on the beach the sun giving me vitamin D and a tan, and the water washing off my stresses. I was surrounded my friends and family and had more time to spend with them. I excersise And ate some healthy foods and some unhealthy foods. I had a dance in town and drunk some great cocktails. From my reflected time, I realised I have a great boyfriend, great friends and have lots to look forward too. 

Revised bucket list 

At the start of the year I made a bucket list and I have done a few things that I can tick off. For my birthday the girls planned a week of suprises, from stuff off my published bucket list. I have made a revised version of my bucket list below:

Bucket List
Meet an elephant in the wild: booked flights to Thailand and going to wash and look after them in chaing Mai 

Go to Disney land

Kayak through caves 

Go on a ghost walk / hunt 

Complete a half marathon 

Hug a panda bear 

Go on a ski holiday 

Ride hot air balloon 

Fly a kite: girls bought me a kite, hoping to do in next couple of days

Hold a monkey 

Stand under a waterfall 

Write letter to my future self

Be sent flowers at work 

Volunteer at a soup kitchen 

Bring food to the homeless 

Have a price of writting published 

Try acupuncture 

Have my palm read 

Go to a murder mystery night 

Go to a casino: visited casino in Brighron Marina, wasn’t what I expect. I think I expect what you see in the films in Las Vegas. In the first ten mins, I was £10 up but when I leave I had lost £30 in total. Maybe not for me haha.

Go to bingo: loves bingo, the girls took me. My friend Saskia won money on a game that she wasn’t even going to play. The read the numbers very fast, so you have to concentrate. Got my gala bingo card now, can’t wait to go again.
Go to a fashion show 

Have a make up lesson: had this done on my birthday, they took me to bare minerals where I had a make over, they did half of my face and I did the other side. Good make up, although I did add to it when I got home. Learnt mainly how to conture my eye lids and blend colours together.

Go wine tasting : girls took me to this for one of my birthday suprises. Loved this, we tried 6 different wines. My favourite was ridgeway, which is actually a Sussex wine. I now know how to slurp my wine to get the most of flavours. I also know how to swish around the wine in the glass, to see how much suger and alcohol is in it. 

Take a cookery class 

Fly in a helicopter 

Spin records like a dj

Be a member of a tv Audience 

Sleep in a castle 

Visit a Buddhist temple: will go in Thailand 

Visit the Pyramids 

Go to Octoberfest 

Go to Dublin 

Floating lanterns on a beach 

Sit on a jury 

Be taken to Paris 

Visit the Dead Sea 

Feed a exotic animal: will do in Thailand 

Try a watersport 

See wall of China 

Go to a full moon party 

Achieve somthing for make a wish chairty

Drive a sega way 

Go to Pompey 

Go glamping 

Go on for dinner or the River Thames 

Amsterdam: went in June with my boyfriend had a awesome time!! Loved the canels and little houses. Beautiful place.


Visit a factory: does the Heineken experience in Amsterdam count?? 

Win somthing amazing 
I shall be doing a new revised list! 

To be continued …. 

My fitness Journey 

When I was younger, I was constantly under weight. My mum would take my to the doctors and I would tell them what I would eat on a daily bases and they said I eat enough, it was just my metabolism. 

When I was a teenager I suffered with a problem, where I couldn’t eat in front of people. I used to throw my lunch in the bin that my mum used to make me ( very sorry mum). This made me become a secret snacker, so when my parent where out I would secretly snack rather then eating large meals.

When I was 16, I met my boyfriend who I am still with today. He asked me to go to dinner with him, and I accepted. Eating in front of someone on a dinner date, was a huge step for me. 

Aged 17, I began to put on weight this could of been because of the contraception injection or due to reaching the age where your metabolism changes. 

By age 19 I was unhappy with my weight, and began dieting. I was a big fan of slim fast shakes, until I realise that once you stop and eat unhealthy again you became twice as fat as when you started. 

I tried many quick fix diets, I tried pills from online that made me unhappy and shakes where you just added water and didn’t eat solid food for weeks. 

This year aged 21 ( when I started) I decided I had enough and would do it properly.

By properly I mean eat healthy and go to the gym. I currently go the gym 2-4 times a week. I eat 3 meals a day which include non processed food, plenty of meat and vegetables and reduced carbs. I only eat carbs if it’s a gym day. I also have snacks in between meals these will be non processed food and will tend to me olive, fruit, nuts, eggs. I use the lean in 15 recipes for my inspiration and motivation to cook new meals. 

At the gym, I start with 20 mins hit cardio session on treadmill or cross trainer. I then spend 20 mins on arm and leg machines to tone. I spend the rest of my gym session doing squats, sit ups, plank ect. All the times I mix up my route but I stick to the same times and I like to up my weights and repititions. 

decemver 2015


I know that I will never be super skinny, as that’s not what my body is meant to be. I am very aware that I have a big bum and boobs. I have managed to go from a size 14, to a size 10. I have learnt to love my self because after all I am the only person that has to be with me 24/7. 7 months of being healthy and gym, has not only helped my loose weight but has made me more fit, my hair grows quicker, my skin is healthier. It has now become a lift style rather then a quick fix. Don’t get my wrong I have the odd naughty treat or a bad day even, but I don’t let it get me down. I wake up the next day and I start all over again. At the moment in seven days into use teatox by bootea, and this had helped with bloating I am using the 28 day one so I am excited to see the results. 

Don’t let anyone tell you, what you should or should not look like. Only you can decide your path and once you learn what you can achieve you will wonder why you didn’t get on this path a long time ago.
Love Dom xo 

Weekend away

I went away this weekend for mine and my boyfriends 6 year anniversary! 

I booked and paid for a hotel in Basingstoke. On our drive up to Basingstoke we went to Marwell zoo. I saw many of my Fave animals including giraffes, penguins and zebras. We spent around two hours at the zoo and done a lot of walking. Tony also won me a zebra teddy in the charity tombola. I decided the zebra is coming traveling with us! 

After the zoo we continue our journey to Basingstoke. After check in, I got ready for our dinner date. 

We walked along to las iguanas for dinner and cocktsils. We followed this with drinks at weather spoons and then back to the hotel for Prosecco and thorntens chocolates. 
The following morning we had a lye in until 9:30am. We checked out around 11am and went for breakfast. I tried French toast for breakfast. Very tasty buy my boyfriends bacon and egg pancakes where better. We shopped at festival place for some holiday bits for Thailand. I took Tony for a shake away, my Fave place when I was younger.

After this we began to drive home, but stopped at reading to see my nanny and grandad. 

All together I had a cute weekend. ❤️

Pride 2016 

Pride is not only about celebrating lesbian and gay people. It’s not only about celebrating transgender or individuality. It’s about our town coming together to show that we care for everyone. 

Brighton in general is a very accepting place, if you are not from Brighton you may find out town quite strange. On a daily bases I see a topless man roller skate passed my office wearing only metallic hot pants, I never see anyone giggling or looking at him like it’s strange.

This is the beauty of Brighton, we hold the Brighron Fringe, you can walk down a road and there will be different street performances.

The parade is the most colourful and flamboyant I have ever seen our city. Watching different company’s and charity supporting the day. 

The parade runs from hove lawns into central Brighton and end at Preston park where the main event is held.

This year I went to the 2 day street party. I paid £15 for a wrist band that entitled me to the st James street Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night there was great performances. There was a lady sang my faves Adele songs and some classics too. She had the whole street dancing. Again; there was lots of people dressed up. In my photo top left, that man was giving out free spanks/ 

Day two I was suprisingly not hungover. We went to the street party at about 6pm. I dressed up as a unicorn and covered myself in glitter. Day two the main event where along the sea front and there was lots of dj booths outside revenge and Charles street. The music was amazing and the vibes was incredible. We also went to a few of the bars including the ivy bar which is a drag karaoke night. 

From start to finish including my wrist band I paid £50 on my weekend. I had the best time, danced all weekend in the most amazing care free vibe. 
Can’t wait for next year!!! 

Dom xo